The three pillars of successful farm management

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Specialists of different areas of activity of EkoNiva held a seminar on innovative trends in the modern farming business.

Specialists of EkoNiva-Chernozemye and EkoNiva-Semena held a joint educational event Farming technologies, machinery and after-sales service — the three pillars of successful farm management. Comprehensive solutions for local farmers at the premises of EkoNivaAgro in Verkhniy Ikorets. Within the context of the event, EkoNiva’s specialists presented new models of John Deere machinery, comprehensive solutions for servicing of the existing farm machinery fleet and crop farming novelties from EkoNiva-Semena for the farming season 2017.

The annual educational event gathered over one hundred participants from Voronezh oblast and the neighbouring oblasts of the Central Black Soil Region.

‘The key topic of our seminar is modern solutions for reducing production costs in crop growing by means of cutting-edge technologies and machinery as well as opportunities for saving costs on after-sales servicing’, relates Ivan Vorobyev, Executive Director of EkoNiva-Chernozemye. ‘Based on the 15 years of our experience, we have learned that good repair work is only half of the success equation. High-quality support of machine operation, preventative maintenance and repair allow farmers to reduce operational costs considerably. Firstly, they have a chance to monitor spare part and service prices, secondly, they can be certain that their machines will work reliably well, without any breakdowns during the busy season.’

Among John Deere’s new products for Voronezh fields were improved 6, 7, 8 and 9 Series tractors, the most powerful rotary combine in the world S690, the largest straw walker in the world T Series grain harvester, brand new 8000 Series forage harvester, improved models of headers and seeders and cutting-edge software.

‘The 8 Series forage harvester is the most interesting novelty showcased by John Deere', comments Eduard Ivanov, Head of Sales Department of EkoNiva-Chernozemye. ‘It is an absolutely new machine: 80% of the assembly parts have been modernised. The engine position has been changed, the drives have been optimised and reduced, the receiving chambers have been widened and the flow rate — increased. The new model is characterised by an optimal distribution of the weight of working implements, which increases the performance of the machine by 20%.

Along with the machines, the company also presented John Deere Financial tools facilitating the purchase of John Deere machinery.

‘John Deere Financial appeared in Russia in 2012’, says Aleksandr Redkin, representative of John Deere Financial. ‘Within this period, we have financed 1,700 machinery units, and the portfolio of our company has exceeded eight billion rubles. The financing under our leasing programmes is provided in rubles. The down payment is from 20% to 49% of the total amount. The leasing period is from one to five years.’

Zashchitnoye seed growing enterprise presented its best seed varieties at the seminar. Among the crops showcased by the company were cereals, pulses, oilseed crops and annual and perennial grasses.

Andrey Zvyagin, Head of Variety Trial and Early Generation Seed Production Department of Zashchitnoye, told the guests about the advantages of the versatile varieties:

‘Versatile varieties, due to their economic and biological qualities, keep a consistently high level of yield regardless of the conditions’, says Andrey Zvyagin. ‘When grown in similarly unfavourable conditions, versatile varieties produce 25%-30% higher yields than intensive varieties, which require certain agronomic technologies and good weather conditions to give high yields.’

All participants had an opportunity to taste natural dairy products from the Academy of Dairy Sciences: fresh yoghurt, milk and kefir.

‘There are nine specialists from our enterprise at the seminar’, says Boris Bashchev, Head of Vozrozhdeniye farm (Kashira district, Voronezh oblast). ‘We have discussed very interesting and important questions. For example, today I have learned that John Deere 7 and 8 Series tractors now feature automatic transmission, which will improve the performance of these machines and reduce fuel consumption. It was extremely interesting to learn about low-pressure tyres also allowing to cut down on fuel costs. Besides, I would like to know more about the seeds produced by EkoNiva at its own seed growing operation. And, of course, I loved the dairy products from the Academy of Dairy Sciences because they are made from natural milk, which is produced on the company’s own farms. All the products are delicious, natural and, which is more important, healthy!’