The best of the best

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The best performers of the region were awarded at the extended meeting of the Board of the Regional Department of Agriculture of Kaluga oblast.

Kaluzhskaya Niva received a number of awards. Vladimir Kavin, Director of the enterprise, won the first prize, the so-called Agricultural Oscar. He became the best manager of a dairy farm and the best manager of an enterprise producing seeds of legume grasses.

‘I must admit I am pleased that our work is praised at such a high level’, says Vladimir Kavin, Director of Kaluzhskaya Niva, ‘and I am sure our team has deserved it. Three years ago, we harvested 3.5 tonnes/ha of cereals; now the average yields are 4.9 tonnes/ha in Ferzikovo and 4 tonnes/ha in Peremyshl district.’

It should be noted that such an impressive result was achieved under challenging weather conditions: a lot of wheat lodged due to heavy rains. The company has all reasons to hope for record yields under more favourable conditions.

‘In 2017, we are going to harvest at least 5 tonnes/ha of winter wheat and produce over 40,000 tonnes of milk’, says Vladimir Kavin. ‘And in 2018, we are planning to receive 60,000 tonnes of milk.’

Such optimistic prospects are not accidental. High-skilled employees are able to conquer the highest peaks. This year, several specialists of Kaluzhskaya Niva were acknowledged as the best in their professions. Among them, Yevgeniy Yakovenko, Machine Operator, Sergey Voloshko, Chief Agronomist, and Nataliya Bondareva, Robotic Milking Machine Operator.

‘With such people, we can break a lot of records’, says Vladimir Kavin proudly, ‘moreover, we have just launched a new dairy farm for 2,800 head in Peremyshl district and started building a farm in Ferzikovo district. Step by step, we are moving away from old farms, which have been “inherited” from the previous owners, and construct new ones increasing productivity.’

The impressive performance of Kaluzhskaya Niva produces a good effect on the overall result of the region. In 2016, the gross agricultural output in Kaluga oblast amounted to 37.5 billion rubles. According to Anatoliy Artamonov, the Governor of Kaluga oblast, the most significant results were achieved in dairy farming. The total milk output on all categories of farms had increased by 6%. Of course, Peremyshl, Ferzikovo and Kozelsk districts are the leaders.