Livestock farming school for professionals

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The unique educational project — livestock farming school — has now been launched in Sibirskaya Niva. The first educational session for agricultural students came to a close at the end of March. Currently, the students are preparing for the next training season.

The trainees of the livestock farming school are 5th-year students of agricultural universities. During theintensive 3.5-month training on EkoNiva’s farms, the students are to receive a detailed insight into high technologies and learn to use them efficiently.

‘It is the first time we have held a session like this in Siberia’, says Natalia Zvereva, HR Manager of EkoNiva-APK Holding. ‘InElban village, Novosibirsk oblast, we are building our largest dairy. The students we are training in Sibirskaya Niva now will form the team of the new dairy.’

The enhanced and intensified training includes several professional areas of activity. The key ones are veterinary science and herd management.

‘The young specialists receive the knowledge they will really need in their professional practice, I call it “the war weapons”’, says Sergey Lyakhov, Regional Director for Siberia, EkoNiva- APK Holding. ‘We choose the students who understand the incredible prospects of modern agriculture.’

The educational project was first implemented in 2015 at Shchuchye dairy in Voronezh oblast. The first students had classes in a small study room, remaining from the soviet times. Specially for the project, the room was equipped with audio and video facilities and has beenused as the site for theoretical training ever since. Five groups have undergone the training since that time. All alumni of the livestock farming school are now working for EkoNiva and making successful careers.

‘I have a dream’, says Viktor Pisarenko, Manager of the Educational Centre of EkoNiva-APK Holding. ‘I want our students to be regarded as high-class industry specialists, as international consultants.’

To make this dream come true, the team of the Educational Centre holds serious trainings. Theoretical knowledge applied in practice is the basis of successful education.

‘We provide intensive theoretical training and test it in practice straightaway’, shares Yaroslav Zybin, Supervisor of the livestock farming school in Siberian region. ‘there are times when we go out to cow barns several times per day.’

Valeria Sverchkova, a trainee of the livestock farming school from the Republic of Komi, shared that she would love to work with young stock. Nevertheless, she confessed that the practical training at the fresh cow group produced the most powerful impression on her.

‘I saw DA prevention practices in place at EkoNiva, which really impressed me’, shares Valeria. ‘There is a wire line above the fresh cow group, which is used for drenching post-partum cows. It helps the animals to recover more quickly and feel better.’

Anastasiya Protopova, student of Saratov State Agricultural University, has been dreaming of becoming a veterinarian since childhood. She is determined to come to work for EkoNiva. Her favourite area of activity is reproduction.

‘It is interesting to watch cows and look for the signs of heat’, says Anastasiya Protopova. ‘It is important to be able to use heat synchronisation programmes to have a uniform estrus cycle in the herd.’

The students are not afraid to move to Novosibirsk oblast. They are very enthusiastic about working at the new dairy for 6,000 head in Elban.

‘We have already seen Sibirskaya Niva and we liked it’, states Andrey Silayev, student of the Veterinary Science Department of Saratov Staten Agricultural University. ‘What attracts us most is the close-knit and friendly team and the career prospects.’