Cooperation with Crimea is gaining momentum!

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Cooperation with Crimea is gaining momentum!Crimean Field Day, a scientific and practical conference, was held in Klepinino village, Krasnogvardeysky district, the Republic of Crimea. The representatives of EkoNiva-Semena have been to the southernmost part of our country for the first time. The trip was highly successful, as the local farmers showed a considerable interest in the crop varieties presented by EkoNiva-Semena.

Crimean Field Day is a significant event in the agricultural industry for local residents. Sergey Aksenov, Head of the Republic of Crimea, made a welcoming speech for the guests and participants. Implementation of innovative agricultural technologies in risky farming and arid areas were the key topics of the seminars. These questions are of crucial importance for the republic due to lack of precipitation, rainfall in particular. Therefore, it was decided to start harvesting on the peninsula before it was planned. ‘Bread is the staff of life’ was the motto of the event, dedicated to the beginning of the harvesting.

Cooperation with Crimea is gaining momentum!

‘We have successfully introduced the whole range of our products’, says Aleksandr Novoselov, Manager of EkoNiva-Semena. ‘The local entrepreneurs showed a particular interest in different varieties of peas, lentils and winter wheat.’

EkoNiva-Semena has already been working with the Republic of Crimea for three years and now cooperation is gaining momentum. The seeds of Hungarian winter wheat varieties MV Nador and MV 37-14 have demonstrated good yields in the Crimean fields.

‘These winter varieties of wheat are frost and lodging resistant’, emphasises Aleksandr Novoselov. ‘In about a week or two the crop will be harvested, so I expect that the yields of wheat grown from our seeds will be high.’

Cooperation with Crimea is gaining momentum!

A trip to Crimean Field Day was exceedingly pleasant, as it provided the staff of EkoNiva-Semena with an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and exchange experience with the local entrepreneurs in the agriculture sector. In addition, during this trip the representatives of EkoNiva-Semena had a unique experience – they drove across the newly-built Crimean bridge, with the corporate flag fluttering proudly above. Now the Crimean Peninsula has become accessible to facilitate travelling for holiday-makers and ensure even more opportunities for fruitful cooperation with the southern agricultural producers.