EkoNiva Sets Foot in Altai

Press-centre / News,

Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva, has signed a three- party investment agreement with the Acting Governor of Altai area Viktor Tomenko and the Head of Talmenka district Sergey Samsonenko.

The investment project will be implemented in Talmenka district bordering on Novosibirsk oblast, where EkoNiva has already established itself. This area has been chosen as the construction site of a dairy for 3,000 head. The estimated investment volume amounts to 3 billion rubles. The construction site allocated for the project is 3.5 km away from Talmenka village. The company is planning to use 5,000 ha of land for feed production.

‘I was happy to accept the invitation to enter the region’, says Stefan Duerr. ‘This morning we set off to have a look at the site right after the plane landed. I really liked the conditions. I even think that we could build two or three dairies here instead of only one stipulated in the agreement.’

Every facility provides over 100 jobs in livestock and crop farming. Furthermore, the milk output will be 100 tonnes per day.

The regional government emphasises that EkoNiva is a socially responsible company. It builds accommodation for its employees, maintains village infrastructure, supports schools, nurseries, and social organisations in the regions of its representations. Besides, it offers agood salary to its employees.

‘We are pleased to welcome such a reliable investor in our territory’, says Viktor Tomenko, ‘We will provide governmental support in the form of property tax reimbursement. I consider it essential for our region to attract new investors which will contribute to the taxable base and provide jobs for the local residents.’

By Svetlana WEBER