Visit to maize fields

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Michael Papadi, a specialist of RWA, visited Zashchitnoye plant breeding enterprise (Kursk oblast). The purpose of the visit was to provide advice and on-site monitoring of maize hybridisation.

Recently, maize has been gaining popularity, with its production area expanding further north and east due to the development of new genetics. Thus, Russian farmers face a very important, yet a difficult choice: which plant breeding material to opt for — Russian or European? According to farmers, the bottom line is good quality and high yield.

‘We are in a partnership with Austrian company RWA for F1 maize hybrid production for the Russian market’, says Yuriy Vasyukov, Executive Director of Zashchitnoye. ‘The hybridisation takes place in Russia, which is of particular significance in the context of import replacement policy. Then, the quality of the seeds is controlled in Austria, which also speaks in favour of the product.’

Grizzly maize hybrid, in particular, has high cold hardiness which allows growing the crop in the regions previously considered unsuitable for maize production.

‘We have been growing the innovative Grizzly maize hybrid since 2016’, says Andrey Zvyagin, Head of Plant Breeding and Early-Generation Seed Production Department of Zashchitnoye. ‘Having started from a pilot plot of 1.5 ha, we have gradually expanded to the current 120 ha. This year’s result looks promising.’

Zashchitnoye is fully equipped with stateof-the-art tools required for both field works and post-harvest conditioning of hybrid maize seeds. On behalf of RWA, Michael Papadi advised the agronomists on the hybridisation technique. According to Mr. Papadi, the F1 hybrid looked particularly good in Kursk fields.

During the stay, the Austrian expert also visited the trial plot in Zashchitnoye, where other hybrids from RWA were undergoing trials. The hybrids with the best performance will take their rightful place in the innovative line-up.