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Addressing challenges is the most interesting part of our work! The EkoNiva-Media Information Agency has been in business since 2007. It sells information, marketing, advertising and PR projects in agricultural business.

Our professional motto is Treat work like art!

Information supply

Publication of EkoNiva-Vesti, a newspaper of farming news and analysis, in Russian and English; preparation of all types of printed matter for publication. Information support.

PR work

The Agency closely cooperates with electronic and printed mass media, both central and regional, and with press services of state- and private-owned businesses. It organizes press conferences, seminars, round tables and other events for the press.


Organization and conduct of business events, corporate fests, Field Days, exhibitions and presentations.


Development of a corporate style, creation of public image products (booklets, leaflets, posters, banners, stands, calendars, etc.), web design. The Agency is a member of the Association of Agrarian Journalists. EkoNiva-Media Information Agency is a three-time prize winner of “Agrosmi” All-Russia Agricultural Journalism Contest and a prize-holder of the All-Russia contest “AgroRus – 2009”.

Svetlana Weber, EkoNiva-Media LLC Information Agency Director: “Since we deal with information and advertising, we must respond promptly to everything so that to present in our special way the products our customers need. We are a team of imaginative people, always in search of unique decisions how to create the best possible products. Addressing challenges is the most interesting part of our work.”


79-a Radishchev st., Kursk, 305004
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