EkoNiva at Golden Autumn

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EkoNiva has taken part in the main agricultural forum within the country, namely the Russian agro-industrial exhibition Golden Autumn 2019. It is the best platform for cultivating relationships with potential commercial partners. Besides, there is a growing tendency for the forum exhibits and the business programme to get more and more varied year after year. The company presented its booth featuring all the key activities and participated in the panel discussions and seminars.

During the four days, the forum covered all the topical issues relating to the current status and further development of various areas of farming. The opening ceremony was performed by Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev.

‘Today, we are talking not only about the achievements such as ensuring absolute food safety in the country, but the new priority projects, which are quite numerous in the Russian farming sector’, emphasises Dmitriy Medvedev. ‘The government maintains a flexible approach to providing comprehensive support to agricultural producers. The effectiveness of the mindset has already been proven by preferential rate loans and targeted subsidies. Later on, we are planning to scale up the support initiatives that address farmers.’

For the Russian farming sector, Golden Autumn is a big event lasting for a week to look back on the agricultural year.

‘The launch of our own EKONIVA brand marked a significant milestone last year’, says Stefan Dürr, President of EkoNiva Group. ‘We are going to strengthen our position in the market. Golden Autumn brings together businessmen, politicians and consumers and creates a platform for holding a constructive dialogue, exchanging opinions and, most importantly, coming up with new ideas and blueprints.’

In the near future, the company intends to supply EKONIVA ORGANIC milk for retail sale, which is produced on its own Savinskaya Niva organic farm in Kaluga oblast. At the exhibition booth, EkoNiva’s hospitable representatives treated all the guests to healthy novelties so everyone got the chance to appreciate the true value of the company’s dairy products. The delectable foodstuffs varying from kefir and butter to quark desserts and yoghurts are made from EkoNiva’s own milk, which contributes a lot to the positive image of the company in the minds of consumers.

‘Judging by the taste of a product, I can say for sure whether it is adulterated or genuine’, says Galina Shvedova, a Moscow citizen. ‘High-quality dairy food in the everyday diet is the key to health and longevity. The taste and the composition of EKONIVA products have made me a regular customer.’

Аnother capital-dweller Natalya Kitayeva has already bought EKONIVA milk several times in the city supermarkets. Using live kefir grains, she makes a gut-healthy drink.

‘It took me quite a while to find natural milk on shop shelves and EKONIVA really hit the spot’, shares the customer. ‘When I saw the milk for the first time, an honest, open face of the man on the package caught my attention. Vouching for the quality, Stefan Dürr gains the customer's confidence, and I also felt like trusting him and buying the milk. I’m so happy with my choice — I always get it for myself, my children and grandchildren.’

In the course of Golden Autumn exhibition, experts of the taste and contest panels judged the entries of the agricultural production representatives. EKONIVA produce won the hearts of the jury and pleased their taste buds. The sour cream, curds, quark desserts, including Fitness Line products, earned special attention of the guests. In the end, the day brought a gold medal and a certificate of merit for high-quality production.

For several years, Maksim Babukin, Head of Kalyayevo farming enterprise located in Medyn district, Kaluga oblast, has been cooperating with EkoNiva buying seeds and agricultural machinery. The manager really appreciates timely service and professional consultative support.

‘I just couldn’t pass by EkoNiva’s booth and dropped in to say hello. We discussed some challenges facing the business, it wasn’t just a talk with my partners, I consider them true friends sharing views on agricultural issues’, says Maksim Babukin. ‘This fruitful cooperation is worth its weight in gold, I always say that we don’t buy just a tractor, we buy high-level service, which is much more important. All the problems should be handled even before they can occur, and the dealer copes with the task perfectly. As for the seeds, EkoNiva-Semena is second to none — the company supplies only top-quality seed material which ensures high yield.’

Golden Autumn festival showcased over 200 pedigree farm animals from various regions of the country. For a few days, a special pavilion became the venue for a beauty contest for mooing participants. When judging the exterior, udder shape, hooves and milk yield of the beauties, the experts were stern. At the exhibition, EkoNiva’s Holstein and Simmental cows from Kaluga and Voronezh dairies received well-earned gold medals, while the branches of the company – certificates of merit for achieving high results in the development of pedigree and commercial animal breeding.