Opening of Golden Autumn

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EkoNiva headed by the President of the Group Stefan Duerr has taken part in the largest agro-industrial exhibition in the country – Golden Autumn 2019. The holding presented its booth at Hall 75 of VDNH Exhibition Centre.

This year, the main forum of Russian farming has been held for the 21st time. As Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev noted during the opening ceremony, Golden Autumn maintains the best traditions of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition and develops modern technologies of the exhibition business in the field of agriculture.

‘Both the exhibits and the forum business programme are becoming more and more interesting. Golden Autumn offers us an excellent opportunity to talk about the achievements such as ensuring absolute food safety in the country as well as to discuss the new priority projects’, emphasised Dmitriy Medvedev. ‘For our part, we continue to provide state support to Russian agricultural producers, and the approach to this issue is quite flexible. Soft loans and targeted subsidies have proved successful, so we are determined to further step up the supportive measures.’

Golden Autumn is expected to be fruitful for EkoNiva Group. Its booth welcomed numerous partners and customers starting from the first day of the exhibition. The guests could indulge in delicious and healthy dairy products under EKONIVA brand. For the first time, the company presented the organic milk produced at Savinskaya Niva. It will not be long before this milk hits the shop shelves.

‘For Russian agriculture, Golden Autumn is a big festival, a whole week of summing up the results’, said Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group. ‘Traditionally, it is a platform for business meetings and conclusion of mutually beneficial agreements.’

As part of Golden Autumn exhibition, an international agro-industrial forum has been held for the first time this year. It started with a plenary session on the theme of ‘Green brand. Made in Russia: prospects in the global food market’.

‘Conventional agriculture has changed a lot. The usual methods involving excessive fertiliser application are by no means always effective, to say nothing of their negative impact on the environment. And most importantly, people do want to buy organic products despite their higher price’, pointed out Dmitriy Medvedev.

At the plenary session, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation mentioned the measures which have been taken for minimising the consequences of agricultural production for nature. The most important initiatives among them are forest restoration, preservation of unique natural sites and reclamation of agricultural lands.

‘What I really liked about today’s session is that organic, bio and eco products have been clearly distinguished from those under the green brand. The latter refers to non-organic goods with improved characteristics’, highlighted Stefan Duerr. ‘I am glad that this distinction has been acknowledged at the state level now. Organic products will definitely be popular in Russia and have great export potential. As for goods under the green brand, time will tell whether they will be in demand in the market, including the export one.’

Golden Autumn will further delight the visitors with various events and interesting projects for three more days. The guests can taste delicious dairy products, communicate with each other and get fresh ideas until 12 October at the booth of EkoNiva Group.