The pulling power of EkoNiva

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Crocus Expo IEC has hosted AGROS 2020, an International Trade Fair of Technologies for Animal and Forage Production. Over 300 exhibitors from 28 countries took part in the event. EkoNiva’s booth had an enormous pulling power for the visitors.

On an occasion like this, EkoNiva’s business partners can always find the company’s stand at the venue. This time as usual, it served as a platform for exchanging opinions and discussing the best practices in the field of innovative and high-performance technology, which modern agriculture can benefit from.

‘AGROS is one of the major trade shows attracting numerous industry players’, stated Dzhambulat Khatuov, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, in his opening speech. ‘At the event, we share experience and listen to expert opinions. The meetings held within the framework of AGROS promote the growth of production and improvement of profitability of the participating companies.’

The key objectives of the Russian Agro-Industrial Complex are to provide food security, increase the export of agricultural products, develop new national selection forms and genetics studies as well as ensure high quality of food and its safety.

‘We – dairy farmers, producers and processors of natural milk – should popularise our product and its special properties for health’, said Stefan Duerr, EkoNiva Group President. ‘Only if we control all the processes from the field to the shop shelf, can we provide a product of the highest standard. Proper forage and efficient machinery are what the modern livestock farming rests on.’

The specialists of Krasniy Mayak (Yaroslavl oblast, Rostov district) know the secrets of making the production process more effective and their job as rewarding as possible. The land bank of the enterprise amounts to 11,000 ha while its herd size is 2,500 head. Dmitriy Zolotov, Director General of Krasniy Mayak, dropped by the EkoNiva’s booth to say hello to his business partners, discuss the results of the previous agricultural season and goals for the next one. Nearly every year, the dealership supplies the latest machinery to the farm.

‘We’ve purchased over a half of our fleet from EkoNiva-Tekhnika’, says Dmitriy Zolotov. ‘Our partnership with the dealership was established 13 years ago. Now, we know for sure that timely service is the basis for our professional tandem. For example, last year, we had a problem with an American Haybuster bale processor. The service engineers rapidly fixed it. The machine is an indispensable tool for herd managers. It chops the material thoroughly. Another advantage of the model is the adjustable length of hay and straw cut.’

The role of high-performance machinery in the optimisation of the work process and reaping high yields in due time is indisputable. However, it is not the only clue to success. High-quality seeds are also a crucial element. Krasniy Mayak buys them from EkoNiva. Triso wheat, Calcule and Margret barley varieties are the top favourites.

‘In 2019, we harvested over 50 tonnes of the Margret barley per hectare’, shares Dmitriy Zolotov. ‘It is an excellent result. The main thing we value in our collaboration with EkoNiva-Semena is timely advice from the company’s experts.’

The leading-edge solutions for livestock farming and feed production EkoNiva provides are welcomed very much by the specialists of the breeding reproducer n.a. Dzerzhynskiy in Yaroslavl oblast (Yaroslavl district).

‘We appreciate reliability, stability and high quality’, says Vitaliy Smurygin, Director General of the breeding reproducer. ‘The dealership has never cast a shadow over its credibility. Both the seeds and the machinery are unparalleled. Lately, we have purchased as many as two JCB 527-58 AGRI telehandlers. We use them for unloading silage, loading organic material and grain. Their work makes us happy all the time. The main advantage of the model is its dimensions – two metres high and wide. The telehandler can enter a farm with any gate size, which is particularly important for us. Besides, the JCB 527-58 AGRI can boast optimum lift capacity and off-road performance.’

The cows on the farm have a balanced diet to make sure they produce high-quality tasty milk. The company supplies fodder grass seeds to the enterprise. The Dakota variety of alfalfa is the most popular choice of the customer. Since the crop serves as the basis for nutritious feed, Johan Schmelcher, a German farmer, decided to buy it for his future herd. Just recently, he acquired a plot of abandoned land with a cow barn in Nizhniy Novgorod oblast. His immediate goal is to purchase 200 head of cattle, while the long-term target is to reach the capacity of a thousand milking cows to produce a lot of tasty milk, cream as well as to grow sweet and savoury strawberry on a large scale. Johan holds fast to his dream and keeps on pursuing it.

‘EkoNiva and Stefan Duerr show a good example’, says Johan Schmelcher. ‘My first experience in livestock farming was in Russia, in Sibirskaya Niva operation. I learned a lot doing my internship there. The main idea I drew from it is that even the most unreal dreams can come true if you work hard and strive for your goal – to bring tasty milk to everyone!’