On a journey to EkoNiva’s dairy

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EkoNiva, the largest milk producer in Russia and a dairy processor, has launched a virtual tour of one of its farms in a 360-degree format.

The first excursions to EkoNiva’s advanced dairy in Voronezh oblast were arranged in 2013. According to Stefan Duerr, EkoNiva Group President, it is important not only to make high-quality natural products, but to explain how essential and beneficial for health they are and to show how modern farming functions.

‘We would like people to know where milk comes from, what a long way it goes before getting to the customer’s table and why our milk is so delicious’, says Stefan Duerr.

Over the years of the project’s existence, more than 55,000 people have visited EkoNiva’s farms in Kaluga and Voronezh oblasts. The guests got acquainted with all the production stages — they could see with their own eyes the conditions in which calves grow up, what adult cows are fed with and what technologies are applied at work.

Due to coronavirus the tours have been put on hold for a while. However, the situation gives the chance to visit the company’s farm in a 360-degree video — the journey promises to be captivating. Ulanovo dairy in Kaluga oblast, which was put into operation last year, is at the forefront of the latest farming technologies. In its huge milking parlour, more than 2,800 cows produce over 70 tonnes of milk per day.

Apart from the visual immersion in Ulanovo’s working processes, the viewers will get all the necessary explanation from the on-farm guide so even a child will get the picture.

‘Now, coronavirus has made most people stay at home’, explains Stefan Duerr. ‘The virtual tour is a good opportunity to learn interesting facts about dairy farming. Set out on a journey from the comfort of your home, drink milk and be healthy!’

The first online tour will give an insight into the farm set up. Later, EkoNiva will invite you to its milk processing plant and for a walk along the fields where tasty forage crops grow for the cows.