Make villages great again!

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Last year, EkoNiva Group joined in the implementation of the Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas state programme, thus committing itself to creating comfortable living conditions in rural areas.

The Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas programme covering the period from 2020 to 2025 addresses priority issues of the rural area residents, including accessibility of medical care, social security, education and affordable housing, and creates conditions for the rural area infrastructure development and improvement.

Together with the state, regional and municipal authorities, businesses can also support the state programme on their own initiative. EkoNiva Group was one of the first companies to sign up for the project. By now, the holding has submitted an application for participation in several regions of Russia: Voronezh, Ryazan, Kaluga, Orenburg and Novosibirsk oblasts.

Within the framework of the project, a total of 67 houses for EkoNivaAgro employees are currently under construction in Liski and Bobrov districts, Voronezh oblast. The commissioning is planned for the end of the year. The enterprise will finance 16% (50 million rubles) of the total construction budget.

‘The new houses will be given to the employees who need support’, states Roman Volodin, Deputy Regional Director for Finance, EkoNivaAgro. ‘There is only one condition: the houses are for those employees who have worked for the company for at least one year. After signing the tenancy agreement with the municipal authorities, the participants of the programme will be able to move in. The house will be available for purchase from the municipality for 10% of its original cost after 5 years of renting and for 1% — after 10 years, provided that an employee has been working for the company and living in the rural area the entire period.’

EkoNivaAgro is co-financing the development of social facilities. In particular, the company is going to invest about 10 million rubles in the construction of Shchuchye community centre. Taking care of the next generations’ health, the company will finance the installation of a multi-purpose sportsground in Petropavlovka village (Liski district).

With the support of OkaMoloko, the construction of 50 houses is going to commence in Ryazan oblast (Aleksandro-Nevskiy district). Besides, it is planned to build another 160 houses for the families of the employees in Shatsk, Sasovo and Pitelino districts. The total investment will exceed 1 billion rubles.

‘OkaMoloko is more than happy to join the project’, says Vladimir Kavin, Regional Director for Ryazan oblast. In addition to the residential houses, we will co-finance the construction of a medical and obstetric centre and the refurbishment of the school in Nizhniy Yakimets village (Ryazan oblast) and the sportsgrounds in Aleksandro-Nevskiy and Burminka villages. We care for our employees and their families, we want their children to be able to attend modern schools and kindergartens, do sports and develop their cultural skills in their neighbourhoods instead of commuting to the regional centre. Therefore, participation in the federal programme is a top priority in EkoNiva’s social policy.

The living conditions of the employees of Severnaya Niva (Orenburg oblast) are also going to change for the better. The need for housing in the region is more pressing than ever due the launch of Kurskaya Vasilievka dairy last year and the pending completion of Mordovo-Dobrino dairy construction in Severnoye district. The project is currently waiting for final approval, following which 40 modern houses will be built in Severnoye district, Orenburg oblast.

By participating in the programme, Sibirskaya Niva (Novosibirsk oblast) aims to address a number of social issues. In particular, the company is going to purchase all necessary equipment for the local medical and obstetric centre in Malaya Tomka village (Maslyanino district), co-finance the construction of the sports and recreation centre and renovate the outdated water supply system in Maslyanino. The construction of accommodation for employees is also high on the agenda.

Kaluzhskaya Niva (Kaluga oblast) has become one the most active participants of the federal programme. The project estimation works are underway and the required documents have been submitted to the local government for approval. By 2024, 230 houses are planned to be built in Ferzikovo, Peremyshl, Medyn and Khvastovichi districts of Kaluga oblast by EkoNiva.

‘First and foremost, we think about people and want to change their lives for the better’, says Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group. ‘I am very happy that EkoNiva participates in the rural area development programme, which enables us to create comfortable conditions for the employees. We do our best to encourage the local people to stay at their native villages and enjoy working there.’