Cow is at the heart of a dairy

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A delegation of Altai Prodovolstvennaya Company’s executives and herd managers have paid a visit to Sibirskaya Niva farming enterprise. EkoNivaSibir organised a tour of the dairy units aimed at experience exchange. The visitors gained insight into the key technological solutions and economic practices at Sibirskaya Niva facilities.

Altai Prodovolstvennaya Company is a major holding in the region. The total farmland area of the enterprise is 116,000 ha. The total herd size is 12,000 head of which over 5,000 are dairy cows. The company is actively implementing new technologies and advanced farming practices.

‘We have come to Sibirskaya Niva because it is a benchmark enterprise’, says Aleksandr Balakov, Director of the holding. ‘First and foremost, we are interested in the economy and production marginality.’

The managers and specialists of Sibirskaya Niva were open to all the questions. In the framework of the meeting, they gave a detailed account of Penkovo dairy – a modern free-stall facility for 5,000 head of highly productive imported Holstein cattle. The dairy features a rotary milking parlour. Cutting-edge technologies enable the company’s cows to produce over 9,000 litres of high quality milk per lactation.

‘Such rolling herd average indicates an outstanding performance’, continues Aleksandr Balakov. ‘At our enterprises, we get a total of 5,000 litres per cow annually. Our facilities are equipped with milk pipeline systems. As it turns out, our labour costs are much higher compared with those at Sibirskaya Niva.’

Top managers of Altai Prodovolstvennaya Company enquired about the components of the diet of the highly productive cattle. Mixed grass haylage, maize silage, concentrates, alfalfa – only crops with high feed value come to the feed bunk of EkoNiva’s cows.

Reliable equipment is one of the key components of an efficient feeding routine. The feed mixer wagons BvL are indispensable at Sibirskaya Niva facilities – they chop, mix, meter and deliver forage to animals. The mixer units can hold up to 10 tonnes of TMR and mix 18 batches a day. The representatives of Altai Prodovolstvennaya Company observed the machines with a keen interest – they were considering replacing their machinery fleet of mixer wagons of domestic make with new imported ones.

‘Chopping entire round and square bales is no problem at all’, says Yevgeniy Kondratyev, Head of Altai (South) branch of EkoNivaSibir. ‘The powerful conical auger with active knives ensures consistency of the mixture, facilitates its uniform discharge and complete emptying of the mixing hopper.’

All machine maintenance points are easily accessible and do not require complicated servicing. The BvL mixer wagon is equipped with an electronic weighing system. The unit is controlled from the tractor cab.

The JCB 536-70 Agri Super telehandlers have proven their worth in livestock farming. Due to the reinforced frame, the machine is capable of lifting up to 3.6 tonnes. The word “Super” in the name stands for the loader’s power, which has been increased to 130hp. The operator can monitor the telehandler remotely via the factory-installed JCB LiveLink, which provides users with detailed information, including location, beginning and end of work sessions, idle time and work under load, fuel consumption, etc. – all displayed on the in-cab computer or remotely on a fleet manager’s or a director’s smartphone. All these features contribute to smooth operation of dairy farms.

‘The cow is at the heart of operation at Sibirskaya Niva’, emphasises Aleksandr Balakov. ‘Everything is geared towards enabling the cows to consistently produce delicious and wholesome milk. I am all in favour of such approach. It takes the understanding of how to treat the animal right, having a way with it to achieve this. EkoNiva’s specialists have the required knowhow. We are greatly impressed by their professional skills and expertise – there is much to learn from their experience.’

The visit resulted in an agreement on internship for the employees of Altai Prodovolstvennaya Company at the facilities of Sibirskaya Niva.