Stefan Duerr laid the cornerstone of EkoNiva’s new dairy in Aristovo village, Ferzikovo district, Kaluga oblast


DairyNews Information Agency, 13.02.2017

Dairy News informs that along with the cornerstone, Stefan Duerr and the representatives of the administration laid a time capsule for our descendants.

Stefan Duerr shared that the new dairy would be similar to the one recently launched in Bushovka. ‘We hope that there will be no delays in construction works’, stated Stefan Duerr.

‘This dairy is expected to produce 26 thousand tonnes of milk per year. Currently, all farms of our region produce 27 thousand tonnes in total’, emphasised Aleksandr Seryakov, Head of Ferzikovo district.

‘Our goal is to start producing milk here by the end of 2017. The fields are a little overgrown, so there is a huge amount of work in store for us’, added Leonid Gromov, Minister of Agiculture of Kaluga oblast.