Milk from German “birdies”


Kurskaya PravdaKurskaya Pravda newspaper No.114(24778), 30 May 2009


… On Thursday, decorated with balloons and slogans, the village of Vtoroye Melekhino, Shchigrovsky district, welcomed guests. Among them was governor Aleksandr Mikhailov. Here, at Zashchitnoye Ltd, a dairy complex was opened.

The head of the region was received, as per established tradition, with a karavay (a round loaf of Russian bread, a symbol of welcome) and songs performed to the bayan (a kind of national accordion). In ringing voices the children recited verses about flows of milk and cows. The head of the district, Yevgeny Nozdrachyov, also greeted the guests.

Much is expected of the dairy complex in Melekhino. Its reconstruction began in the framework of the Development of Agro-Industrial Complex national project. Recently, a total of nine pig breeding farms and ten dairy complexes have been opened and rebuilt.

“This year, the state has allocated 370 million rubles for supporting the cattle breeding. The regional budget has provided 95.5 million rubles for this purpose, up 8% compared to last year,” said governor Aleksandr Mikhailov. “We plan to put into operation a further seven pig breeding farms.”

The new complex’s target figure of 1,597 tons of milk per year will be achieved using 500 cows brought to Shchigrovsky district from Germany. The focus on the Simmental cows is not accidental since this breed is both for meat and milk production.

A little later the hosts also showed a cattle breeding farm.

“O dear birdies,” old-timers uttered admiring the well-groomed Simmental cows. “Now we have real beauties in our village! Ours was not a very beautiful life. So let the young enjoy the beauty.”

Incidentally, quite a few young people work on the farm. The newly-made specialists are attracted not only by the high wages, but also by adequate work conditions. Modern stalling facilities are installed on the farm, and dedicated equipment has been acquired for making and distributing fodder. On this day the best workers of the farm received awards. In response, on behalf of the EkoNiva parent company, the workers presented the administration of the village council with a synthesizer, a present for the local House of Culture.

The nearly defunct village has come back to active life. Step-by-step, restoration continues of the Kazan Mother of God Church located in the vicinity of the dairy farm. This had been destroyed in the thirties. Now, with the help of the Russky Dom Company the temple is being gradually re-built. However, millions are needed to give it back its original splendour. Nonetheless, the services bare held at the church. And on an opening day, a blessing ceremony took place at the dairy complex.

In conclusions of celebrations the guests were treated to cold milk of the German cows.