To jubilee – with a good reputation!


Country lifeCountry life newspaper, Special issue, June 2011


LLC “EkoNivaAgro” is the largest milk manufacturer in the Voronezh region. Established in 2002, the enterprise has been developing dynamically till now. Daily milk yields here make over 100 tons. Besides milk livestock farming, the company is successful in plant growing and seed farming.


The structure of "EkoNivaAgro" includes 16 farms of the Liskinskiy and Kamenskiy districts. Total area of agro holdings is over 75 000 hectares, ploughed land— 60 000 hectares. The herd has 15150 cattle, forage cows 6100. In the farm there are 17 livestock subdivisions, including two milk complexes for 1200 and 1900 heads. Started is the construction of two similar high technological milk complexes each for 2000 heads. Thus, there is a constant modernization process.

At that the enterprise remembers its business social responsibility.

— We tend not only to high performance, — says the farm manager Alexander Rybenko, — but we think it necessary to help rural residents in solving urgent problems.

And it is really so. "EkoNivaAgro" participates in every useful event. It is confirmed by improvement of villages and the kindergarten built not long ago, restoration of churches and housings for young specialists, financial support of the football team, dance and vocal collectives of the local culture center. So to his first 10-year anniversary the company has gained a good reputation.

Pelageya YASEN