Ekosem reaps record crop


AgrarzeitungAgrarzeitung newspaper, 26 January 2012


The year 2011 was marked with brilliant development for the third largest producer of milk in Russia; at present, the company makes ambitious plans for further steps forward.

Frankfurt on the Main: Over the past year, Ekosem Agrar GmbH, Waldorf, significantly strengthened its position in the Russian market. Large investments made in the recent years into Ekoniva Group, a Russian group of companies owned by a German holding company, have paid off.

Ekosem-Agrar informs of unprecedented results achieved in the course of its farming activities in Russia in 2011. After the poor harvest of summer 2010, caused by the severe drought; the yield of sugar beet, soy, fodder crops and corn for grain reached record levels in 2011.

Sugar beet and corn for grain have shown the most significant yield increase (from 25,000 to 117, 000 tonnes, and from 2,600 to 51,000 tonnes respectively).

Not only has the yield capacity of these crops considerably increased in comparison with the previous year results, but it has also risen above the average level of recent years. At the same time, Ekosem- Agrar shows winter wheat, barley and potatoes yield improvement, - the capacity of these crops has increased threefold in comparison with the previous year results. Fresh fodder stock has experienced the same growth – it has gone up from 149,000 to 343,000 tonnes. The fodder conserved this year will be sufficient to feed 28,000 head of cattle (10,200 of which are dairy cows) until spring 2013.

Seeds as part of the activity portfolio

In FY 2010/2011, the company produced about 50 million liters of milk, which is 70% higher than in the previous year. Stefan Duerr, Founder and President of EkoNiva Group, has been an active participant in the Russian farming business since late 1980s; at the moment, his company is one of Russia’s largest producers of milk.

EkoSem-Agrar, GmbH informs that the milk market in Russia still experiences significant shortages, and milk consumption per capita is much lower than in Western Europe.

Apart from the intensive development of milk production, EkoNiva is successfully engaged in other branches of agricultural business, being one of the top three seed producers and one of the few producers of premium beef in Russia.

EkoNiva received an exceptional harvest of basic feeds in Voronezh region in 2011.

At the present moment, the group possesses a total of 170,000 ha of land in Russia, almost 120,000 ha of which is arable land. «We have invested more than €100 million into our six enterprises over the past five years. Now, the investments are paying off, and we can see considerable improvement of our business activity results», says Stefan Duerr. Most of the entities are located in the Black Soil region- one of the most fertile areas in the world. According to Duerr, farming business is one of the key strategically important industries in Russia which offers exceptionally favorable political and economic conditions for further development.

“We employ the most advanced technologies and equipment, and implement a sustainable business-model with the highest quality standards”. This refers both to seed growing and the developing beef production sector.

Arable land area is expected to increase

EkoSem-Agrar is planning to expand the agricultural enterprises of its Russian subsidiary and continue its profitable growth. “Our aim is to double the arable land area and the number of dairy cows by 2014”, states the CEO.