Agricultural production

Dairy farming

Dairy farming EkoNiva-APK is the leader in milk production in Russia and Europe. In 2020 the milk yield reached over 925,000 tons. Holding’s operations produce over 3,070 tonnes of milk per day (as per 18.03.2021).

Beef Cattle Breeding

Beef Cattle Breeding The total beef herd of EkoNiva-APK is 7,315 head (as per 18.03.2021). The company is a breeding reproducer of Hereford cattle. Besides, the farming operations of EkoNiva raise Aberdeen-Angus cattle and perform cross-breeding of Aberdeen-Angus bulls with cows of Simmental, Charolais and Hereford breeds and low-yielding dairy cows.

Pedigree Cattle Breeding

Pedigree Cattle Breeding EkoNiva offers young breeding stock for sale. The herd consists of purebred elite and elite record cattle characterised by high genetic potential and body weight exceeding the breed standard indices. The origin of the cattle is proven by genetic testing.

Crop farming

Crop farming Agricultural enterprises of EkoNiva operate in 14 oblasts of Russia. The Black Earth region, the company’s main area of operations, is one of the most fertile agricultural oblasts in the world. The total agricultural land area is over 630,000 ha (as per 18.03.2021). EkoNiva grows cereal, pulse, fodder and industrial crops of high-yielding varieties.

Seed growing

Seed growing EkoNiva-APK Holding is one of the three largest seed growing enterprises in Russia, producing cereal and pulse crops and perennial grasses. The company grows seeds of varieties bred in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Scandinavia and Canada. Qualified staff, cutting edge equipment, high level farming culture and respect for intellectual property rights to selection achievements are the key traits of EkoNiva’s seeds growing activities.