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OKA MOLOKO has been operating within EkoNiva Group since December, 2017. The key areas of activity are dairy and crop farming. The company employs over 1,500 people.

ООО «ОкаАгро»

Professional motto Work to grow.

Currently, OKA MOLOKO comprises eight subdivisions in six districts of Ryazan oblast: Chuchkovo, Pitelino, Shatsk, Sarai, Sasovo and Aleksandro-Nevskiy districts. The total farmland amounts to 101,500 hectares.

The company operates three modern free-stall dairies housing 2,800, 2,100 and 1,150 head of Holstein cows and a mega-dairy for 6,000 head. State-of-the-art equipment, well-developed infrastructure and qualified staff enable OKA MOLOKO to produce 419 tonnes of high-quality milk every day.

The total herd size is approx. 26,500 head, thereof 12,900 are dairy cows.

OKA MOLOKO cultivates high-margin crops such as sunflower, soya beans, lentils, flax and spring and winter wheat. Besides, the company grows large volumes of maize for silage and grain and produces high-quality feed for its herd. A rail-served grain storage facility with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes is of great help in grain transportation.

The company has at its disposal all the necessary cutting-edge machinery and equipment for agricultural production. The gross output in 2023 totalled 223,900 tonnes (including maize for grain, cereals, pulses and oil crops).

In 2022, OKA MOLOKO engaged in a new area of activity – seed production. Every year, the company ramps up the output. It will grow seeds of winter and spring wheat, peas, soya beans, flax and alfalfa on 4,700 hectares in 2024. Plans are afoot to build an integrated plant breeding and seed production centre with a capacity of 45,000 tonnes per year. Availability of the required power and sales and distribution infrastructure as well as favourable climatic conditions for the production of high-quality seed material open up new opportunities for increasing the capacity.


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