Zashchitnoye has been operating since 2002. Its main areas of activity are plant breeding and seed growing. The enterprise produces seeds of cereals, pulses, fodder crops and perennial grasses. The enterprise is also engaged in dairy farming. Zashchitnoye currently employs 471 people (as per 16.07.2021).


Our professional motto is Be the first among professionals!

The enterprise operates in Shchigry, Solntsevo and Belaya districts on the total area of 46,000 ha (as per 16.07.2021).

In cooperation with EkoNiva-Semena, Zashchitnoye has been successfully implementing a breeding programme for winter wheat and soybeans. Currently, seven varieties of winter wheat of the enterprise's own breeding are undergoing state variety trials. A joint winter wheat breeding project with I.G.Pflanzenzucht is underway. Besides, Zashchitnoye reproduces an F-1 corn hybrid.

A state variety trial plot used for preliminary testing of new varieties operates in the territory of Zashchitnoye. The enterprise’s own seed quality assurance laboratory performs control of seed material quality, which enables the company to receive premium class seeds. A seed-processing plant with the capacity of 8 tonnes per hour operates within the enterprise. One more seed-processing plant with the capacity of 200 tonnes per hour fitted with Petkus equipment is under construction.

On average, Zashchitnoye produces 50,000 tonnes of certified seeds per year. Its material and technical facilities allow producing 250 tonnes of seeds per day and place 50 000 tonnes of grain for controlled storage.

A dairy farm for 600 milking cows with a free-stall housing system operates within Zashchitnoye. The construction of a new dairy for 3,550 milking cows is to commence in the nearest future. Once commissioned, it is expected to produce 100 tonnes of milk per day.

The enterprise is equipped with state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and uses the most cutting-edge technologies. Zashchitnoye holds Field Days and seminars for the regional agricultural producers. The employees of the enterprise improve their professional skills on a regular basis, taking extra training at agricultural enterprises abroad and attending the largest agricultural trade shows in Russia and Europe.

Zashchitnoye pays considerable attention to the social welfare of the region: it builds residential premises for employees, supports the local school, kindergarten and community centres. The enterprise is also taking part in the reconstruction of the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Melekhino.

Roman Starovoyt, Governor of Kursk oblast: ‘Kursk oblast has impressive land resources and a lot of competent specialists. These factors give us an opportunity to increase the region’s agricultural production. We welcome such investors as EkoNiva in our region and promise to provide all necessary support on our part.’


Zashchitnoye, Shchigry district, Kursk oblast, 306513
Phone: +7 (4712) 74-85-82
E-mail: [email protected]
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Zashchitnoye-South Operation

1, Marii Ovsyannikovoy street, Gridasovo, Solntsevo district, Kursk oblast
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Zashchitnoye-North Operation

Phone: +7 (4712) 74-85-80