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Organic food production

In 1995, EkoNiva started off as an organic agricultural producer by growing organic buckwheat under BioMikula brand and exporting it to Western Europe countries.

Organic food production

In 2012, the company resumed organic production currently represented by several projects.

Savinskaya Niva, Kaluga oblast

Operating since 2012, the enterprise is engaged in crop production, dairy and beef farming. All produce is certified according to EC 83/2007 and interstate GOST 33980-2016 standards.

The herd includes cows of Charolais, Sychevskaya breeds and Aberdeen Angus crossbreeds.

Since 2017, the farm has been a supplier of organic beef to HiPP baby food plant in Russia.

In 2019, EKONIVA ORGANIC milk production was launched.

In 2020, the enterprise became a member of the IFOAM.

The farm is certified by European Kiwa and Russian Roskachestvo.

Organic food production


Savinskaya Niva
2, Sadovaya St., 249930 Savino v., Mosalsk district, Kaluga oblast
E-mail: [email protected]