EkoNivaAgro has been operating since March 2002. The main area of activity is dairy farming. The enterprise is also engaged in growing cereal, pulse, fodder, profitable industrial crops as well as seed production. EkoNivaAgro employs 4,120 people engaged in different areas of activity (as per 01.09.2020).


Our professional motto is We are responsible for our land!

EkoNivaAgro operates on the territory of Liski, Kamenka, Bobrov, Kashira, Anna, Buturlinovka and Talovo districts of Voronezh oblast. The total agricultural land area is 147,000 ha (as per 01.09.2020).

The enterprise is the largest milk producer in Voronezh oblast — 1,040 tonnes of milk per day. The total herd size is 74,600 head of cattle, of which 40,400 are dairy сows (as per 01.09.2020).

Currently, there are 30 livestock farming subdivisions operating within the enterprise, including 15 high-tech free-stall dairy facilities. The enterprise is a stock-breeding plant for Holstein and Simmental breeds and a breeding reproducer of Red-and-White breed.

EkoNivaAgro implements a cow-calf project. Male calves are kept on the pasture until they are 6-7 months old, further, they are sold to beef finishing enterprises. In total, EkoNivaAgro has 710 head of beef cattle (as per 01.09.2020). In 2019, the company sold 550 tonnes of meat (live weight).

In crop production, work is carried out in the following areas: fodder and cash grain production, growing highly profitable industrial crops and reproductive plant material for cereals, pulses and fodder grasses. EkoNivaAgro implements minimum and zero tillage systems and uses cutting edge machinery. The Company’s grain management system meets the most advanced standards due to the use of a Twister mini-elevator (32,000 tonnes) designed in accordance with North-American technology and a seed processing plant with a capacity of 10-12 tonnes/hour. The company has also commissioned the first stage of the elevator with the capacity of 50,000 tonnes.

In 2019 the company produced 143,500 tonnes of grain (including maize for grain), 432,400 tonnes of sugar beet, 27,200 tonnes of sunflower, 17,700 tonnes of soybeans, 104,000 tonnes of haylage, 160,000 tonnes of silage and 20,600 tonnes of hay.

The Company’s specialists constantly improve their professional skills taking extra training both at the company’s facilities and abroad, and attending major Russian and international agricultural trade shows.

EkoNivaAgro supports the local community and develops infrastructure in rural areas. The company also provides support to orthodox cathedrals such as the Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in Liski, the Cathedral of Trinity in the village of Zaluzhnoye, a cathedral in the village of Divnogorye and the Cathedral of Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the village of Shchuchye.

The Company grants interest-free loans to its employees for housing improvement and acquisition of personal vehicles.

The Company has launched a new housing programme for its specialists. 30 new houses (20 detached and 10 semidetached) are under construction on one of the streets of Petrovskoye village. This street is to be named after V.V. Dokuchayev, Russian soil scientist.

Aleksandr Gusev, Governor of Voronezh oblast: ‘The outstanding achievements of EkoNivaAgro produce a powerful impression not only in our region but all over Russia and abroad. The company makes a tremendous contribution to the economic and cultural growth of our area and the welfare of the rural community; therefore, the Government of Voronezh oblast will provide all the necessary support to EkoNivaAgro.’


46 Tsentralnaya st., Zaluzhnoye village, Liskinsky district, Voronezh Oblast, 397920
Phone: +7 (47391) 98-1-38
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