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Savinskaya Niva

Savinskaya Niva has been operating since 2010. In 2012, the enterprise received the status of an organic farm. Savinskaya Niva produces organic beef as well as organic cereals, pulses and fodder crops. All products are certified as organic. The certification is performed in accordance with the standards EU 834/2007 and GOST 33980-2016 Organic products. Production, Processing, Labelling and Selling Guidelines. The enterprise currently employs 75 specialists.

Farmland — 6,000 ha. Total herd size — 460 head, of which 350 are dairy cows. Daily milk yield is 4 tonnes.

The enterprise implements organic crop farming technologies: classic tillage without any use of genetically modified seed, chemicals or artificial mineral fertiliser.

The gross output in 2022 amounted to 1,600 tonnes (including maize for grain, cereals, pulses and oil crops).

Since 2016, Savinskaya Niva has been supplying organic grain to Germany. In 2017, the company started supplying organic beef to the Russian factory of HIPP, a German producer of baby food.

Savinskaya Niva is an active player in the Russian market of organic products. In cooperation with the task group of the Agricultural Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the company is working on the development of Regulations on Organic Agriculture.

Specialists of the company improve their skills on a regular basis doing trainings and visiting large exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.


2, Sadovaya st., Savino, Mosalsky district, Kaluga Oblast, 249930
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