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EkoNiva History



  • Stefan Duerr, a student of Bayreuth University (FRG), becomes the first transfer student from West Germany to arrive in the Soviet Union for internship on the farms of the Kursk and Moscow oblasts.


  • Stefan Duerr becomes one of the founders and the first president of the Apollo international organization for the Russian-German student exchange.
  • Stefan Duerr undertakes the organisation of business in the production, certification and sale of organic products.


  • On the instructions of the German Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, German experts start advising the officials of the Russian State Duma and the Federation Council on agricultural legislation. The coordination of this process is assigned to Stefan Duerr.



  • Establishment of the Russian-German EkoNiva Company. The main activities are organic agriculture and Russian-German cooperation in agricultural policy.
  • Consultations for farms in the Kaluga, Orel, Bryansk, and Kursk oblasts on organic agriculture.
  • Assistance in the development of basic laws in the Russian agricultural sector.


  • EkoNiva participates in the BioFach Organic Trade Fair held in Nuremberg under the auspices of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) for the first time.
  • Production, certification, and export of buckwheat, grown organically in the Kursk Oblast to Western Europe. This is Russia’s first export of organic products to developed European countries.


  • The company starts importing used agricultural equipment.


  • Launching a plant for organic cereal production in the Kaluga Oblast.
  • Beginning of implementation of a joint German-Russian project on “Rendering Assistance to Russia’s Seed Production”. Holding a seminar dedicated to preparation of the final formulation of the Law On Seed Production. The Law is signed by the President in December.


  • New activities emerge: supply of agricultural machinery built by the world’s leading manufacturers and seeds of varieties bred in Europe.
  • EkoNiva participates in publication of the Russian-German agricultural journal New Agriculture.
  • Publication of the “Seed production policy in Russia” booklet, which played a major role in the establishment of seed market in Russia.


  • EkoNiva’s rapid growth due to intensive development of the Russian agriculture in the context of introduction of new technologies in the farming industry.


  • Start of the first agricultural project in Konyshevsky District, Kursk Oblast.


  • Establishment of regional enterprises of EkoNiva in the Kursk, Voronezh and Orenburg Oblasts.
  • Mastering new areas of activity: the company’s own crop and seed production, cattle breeding.
  • EkoNiva’s first participation in the Golden Autumn trade fair, Russia’s major agricultural event.


  • Reorganisation and integration of EkoNiva.
  • EkoNiva participates in Russia’s first Field Day held in the Kursk Oblast.


  • Stefan Duerr is awarded the silver medal “For Contributions to the Development of Russia’s Agriculture”. This is the second time the highest award of Russian farming industry is presented to a foreign citizen.


  • EkoNiva joins the national project “Development of Agricultural Industry”. The company begins construction and reconstruction of livestock breeding complexes in the Voronezh, Kursk, Kaluga and Novosibirsk oblasts.
  • The Company starts publishing its own newspaper, EkoNiva-News, in Russian and English.


  • Stefan Duerr becomes a winner of the national Pyotr Stolypin prize “Russian Farming Elite” in the category “Development of agricultural production and creation of new work places”.
  • Considerable expansion of the farmlands due to the takeover of five former collective farms in the Voronezh oblast.
  • EkoNiva holds the first mini football championship for amateur teams of Russia’s leading farming enterprises.
  • Opening of the first livestock breeding complex for 1200 head of cattle in the Voronezh Oblast.


  • Commissioning of TWISTER mini-elevators at the farming enterprises in the Voronezh and Kursk oblasts.
  • EkoNiva-Agro receives the status of Breeding Reproducer of Simmental cattle.
  • EkoNiva holds the second mini football championship for amateur teams of Russia’s leading farming enterprises.


  • Opening of livestock breeding complexes in the Novosibirsk and Kursk Oblasts.
  • Stefan Duerr is awarded a cross "For Services to the Federal Republic of Germany" for enhancement of Russian-German relationships.
  • Construction of a child-care facility on territory of the company’s enterprise in the Voronezh Oblast.


  • Three enterprises of EkoNiva receive the status of Breeding Reproducers of Simmental and Red & White cattle.
  • Considerable expansion of agricultural production in the Kaluga oblast.
  • Start of beef farming development.
  • Opening of a seed processing plant in the Voronezh oblast.
  • Construction of a new livestock breeding complex on the territory of EkoNivaAgro in the Voronezh Oblast.
  • Opening of a kindergarden in Shchuchie village, Voronezh oblast.


  • Division of the Company into two independent entities, i.e. EkoNiva-Tekhnika and EkoNiva-APK Holding.
  • Opening of two livestock breeding complexes in the Voronezh oblast.
  • EkoNiva embarks on a new project for potato seed production in the Kursk oblast.
  • Commissioning of a seed processing plant in the Kursk oblast.
  • Commissioning of Phase 1 of a fodder grain storage and processing complex with a rated capacity of 36,000 tonnes in the Novosibirsk oblast.


  • Opening of a state-of-the-art potato storage facility in the Kursk oblast.
  • Successful bond placement at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange.
  • Start of an organic farming project in the Kaluga oblast.
  • Start of construction of milk processing plant in the Novosibirsk oblast.
  • Establishment of dairy products brand “The Academy of Dairy Sciences”.
  • Intensive construction of the church of Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God in Shchuchie village, Voronezh oblast.
  • Start of construction of residential houses for EkoNivaAgro's specialists in Dokuchaev street.
  • Commissioning of Phase 1 of a livestock breeding complex for 2500 head in Borkovo village.


  • Opening of a 2,200 head livestock facility at EkoNivaAgro, Petrovskoye village, Liskinsky district, Voronezh oblast.
  • Opening of a dairy plant in Novosibirsk oblast. Production of the Academy of Dairy Sciences milk, yoghurt, sour cream and cottage cheese.
  • Opening of a 2,200 head livestock facility in EkoNivaAgro, Kamensky district, Voronezh oblast.
  • Start of construction of a 30,000 tonne elevator in Severnaya Niva, Dymka station, Orenburg oblast.
  • Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits EkoNivaAgro, Voronezh oblast.
  • Opening of a new seed production plant for grass conditioning (2 t/h output) in Zashchitnoye village, Kursk oblast.
  • EkoNiva’s first participation in the “Give way to milk” motor rally. More than 1,500 km covered from Moscow to Chuvashia in support of Russian dairy farmers.
  • The first livestock facility with robotized milking equipment from GEA Farm Technologies starts its operation in Kaluga oblast. Once it reaches full capacity, it will become the largest of its kind in Russia.
  • President of EkoNiva group becomes a Russian citizen. Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin signs a decree granting citizenship to Stefan Duerr for outstanding merits before Russia.
  • Zashchitnoe farm receives the status of a breeding reproducer.


  • Stefan Duerr is awarded with the IIIrd degree Order of Merit before the Kaluga oblast.
  • Signing of an investment agreement for the development of cooperation between the administration of the Orenburg oblast and EkoNiva.
  • Commissioning of the 1st phase of EkoNivaAgro’s largest dairy complex with a capacity of 2,800 head in V. Ikorets, Bobrov district, Voronezh oblast.
  • Participation in Dairy and Meat Industry 2014 International Exhibition. In recognition of EkoNiva’s significant contribution into the development of the Russian agricultural sector, the company is granted with an honorary diploma “Elite of the Dairy Business”.
  • EkoNiva welcomes the participants of “Give way to milk” motor rally.
  • Stefan Duerr is pronounced the Leader of the Year.
  • EkoNiva celebrates its 20th anniversary.


  • Stefan Duerr becomes the only businessman to join the top 10 most influential people of the Voronezh oblast according to Abireg business agency.
  • A new seed handling facility with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes is launched at EkoNivaAgro (Vysokoye v., Liski district).
  • EkoNivaAgro takes part in the mass ski race ‘Russian Ski Run’ for the first time.
  • Olga Pasyukova, Agronomist and Seed Grower of EkoNivaAgro, enters the Book of Honour of the Liski district (Voronezh oblast) in the nomination ‘The Rural Beacons’.
  • Combatants of EkoNivaAgro sport club took first place at Jiu-Jitsu competition at the Martial Arts Olympics in Saint Petersburg.
  • The launch of the Siberian region’s first 72-stall rotary milking parlour from GEA Farm Technologies at the dairy (2,500 cows) of Sibirskaya Niva in Borkovo village (Novosibirsk oblast, Maslyanino district).
  • EkoNivaAgro received the ‘Kindness-city resident’ social recognition award for active participation in the social life of rural areas.
  • On the day of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Victory Park was opened in Shchuchye village to commemorate the warriors who were killed during the war.
  • Metropolitan Sergy of Voronezh and Borisoglebsk performed the Great Consecration of the Church of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God in Shchuchye village and consecrated the stepping-stone of the future Church of the Saint Apostle John the Theologian in Kolybelka.
  • Kaluzhskaya Niva completed the construction of the robotic dairy with a 32-stall milking parlour for 1,800 cows in Boldasovka village.
  • Savinskaya Niva organic farm (Kaluga oblast) successfully completed the first season of production of organic vegetables and greens under Born in Savino brand. The organic products first appeared on the shelves of Moscow supermarkets ‘Azbuka Vkusa’, ‘VkusVill’, and ‘BIOSTORIA’.
  • Dairy products of the Academy of Dairy Sciences hit the shop shelves of the Voronezh oblast.
  • EkoNivaAgro opened a mega-dairy for 2,800 cows in Verkhny Ikorets (Voronezh oblast).


  • Sibirskaya Niva completed the construction of the third phase of Borkovo Dairy for 2,500 head.
  • EkoNivaAgro took part in the all-Russian ski race.
  • Milk production is EkoNiva-APK Holding has exceeded 600 tonnes per day.
  • EkoNivaAgro (Voronezh oblast) received the second prize in the High Social Efficiency Organisation all-Russian contest for participation in resolving social issues of the region and the development of corporate charity.
  • Savinskaya Niva delivered the first lot of organic peas and buckwheat to Germany.
  • EkoNiva-Semena launched a major winter wheat breeding project at the territory of Zashchitnoe farming enterprise in partnership with IG-Pflanzenzucht.
  • Alta Showcase took place at a dairy of EkoNivaAgro. Over 100 record keepers, dairy cows of Holstein, Simmental and Red and White breeds, demonstrated golden standards of milk performance.
  • The Academy of Dairy Sciences launched a processing plant in Shchuchye village (Voronezh oblast). Aleksey Gordeyev, Governor of Voronezh oblast, was present at the opening ceremony.
  • Savinskaya Niva successfully completed a regular certification procedure to confirm compliance with the EU rules on organic produce. The certification was performed by BCS, one of the leading European certification authorities.
  • Sibirskaya Niva received a gold medal and a diploma from the Administration of the region for keeping the leading position in Siberian region.
  • EkoNiva sponsored Media Ball in the Central Black Soil Region and presented special awards to the journalists of the region.
  • Olga Malysheva, Dairy Herd Operator of Sibirskaya Niva, was awarded the title of Honoured Worker of the Agricultural Sector of Russia.
  • Nadezhda Vostrikova, AI Technician of Sibirskaya Niva, won the second prize in the regional professional contest.
  • EkoNiva received the title of the Best Supplier of the Year from Danone.
  • The Academy of Dairy Sciences opened a cafe at City-Park GRAD, the largest shopping and entertainment centre in the Black Soil region.


  • Milk output at EkoNiva’s farms has reached the largest level in Russia – 1,000 tonnes per day. The dairy herd size is 35,000 head.
  • Stefan Duerr was awarded by the German-Russian Economic Association for outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship.
  • EkoNiva purchased Anninskoye Moloko processing plant in Anna village, Voronezh oblast. – Specialists of EkoNiva attended the largest agricultural tradeshow in the world — Agritechnica 2017 held in Hannover
  • Penkovo dairy farm of Sibirskaya Niva was expanded from 1,800 to 5,000 head of dairy herd.
  • Agrofirma Mezhdurechye won the first prize in the annual regional agricultural competition.
  • Dairy products of the Academy of Dairy Sciences was awarded METRO Quality Award 2017.
  • Kaluzhskaya Niva launched Aristovo dairy for 2,800 head in Ferzikovo district.
  • EkoNivaAgro was awarded the highest prize of Golden Autumn trade show for the development of pedigree and commercial livestock farming.
  • The Academy of Dairy Sciences brand won the Product of the Year 2017 award at World Food Moscow, international food trade show.
  • Savinskaya Niva started supplying organic beef to baby food manufacturer Hipp.
  • The Academy of Dairy Sciences took part in Prodexpo international food exhibition.
  • EkoNivaAgro launched a new dairy for 2,800 head in Vysokoye village (Liski district, Voronezh oblast). Aleksey Gordeyev, Governor of Voronezh oblast, pressed the start button of the rotary milking parlour.
  • EkoNiva started operating in Ryazan oblast.


  • Stefan Duerr was named the most successful entrepreneur of Voronezh oblast according to ABIREG.RU information agency.
  • EkoNivaAgro launched a new modern dairy for 2,800 head in Voronezh oblast — Bobrov.
  • EkoNiva got into the top 5 farming companies in terms of media relations according to Agroinvestor.
  • EkoNiva started operating in Smolensk oblast.
  • Stefan Duerr became a professor of Voronezh Agricultural University.
  • A branch office of EkoNiva-Semena opens in Blagoveshchensk, Amur oblast.
  • New operating enterprise Severnaya Niva Bashkiria has opened in Bashkiria.
  • EkoNiva has partnered with the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • First classes within Agroclass, an education project developed jointly with VSAU n.a. Peter the Great for the students of secondary schools of Voronezh oblast, take place.
  • EkoNiva has come to Altai Area.
  • The President of EkoNiva Group Stefan Dürr receives the National Gold Medal award for the contribution to the development and enhancement of the Russian-German relations in agriculture.
  • EkoNiva Group in alliance with the Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A. Timiryazev and the government of Kaluga oblast launches AgriClass educational project at Kudinovo secondary school.
  • A branded shop of the Academy of Dairy Sciences is opened in Liski, Voronezh oblast.
  • On 24 November, EkoNiva launches a new dairy brand — EKONIVA — which is named after the company. The packaging of the products features the portrait of the President of EkoNiva Group Stefan Dürr.
  • The new dairy brand EKONIVA receives the Golden Clover international award in the best milk category.
  • Ekosem-Agrar, a parent company of EkoNiva Group, receives the prestigious Otto Wolff von Amerongen award.
  • A farm tour project is launched at Aristovo dairy in Kaluga oblast. The guests can visit a real dairy farm and taste natural milk produced by EkoNiva.
  • The joint project of EkoNiva and Voronezh State Agricultural University — Internship 3.0 — earns a prestigious award at the Trajectory, a Nationwide Competition.
  • Stefan Duerr broadcasts his first live press-conference on Instagram. He answers the questions that people ask via WhatsApp in the framework of ‘Hallo, Stefan Dürr’ customer feedback campaign.
  • Stefan Duerr is acknowledged as the Hero of Dairy Industry 2018 according to The DairyNews media source.
  • EkoNiva opens a company-managed dairy shop in Anna village, Voronezh oblast.
  • Anna Dairy Plant starts producing a range of milks and creams named Professional Line, which is developed for the purposes of the HoReCa industry.
  • EkoNiva starts operating in Moscow oblast. Stupinskaya Niva farm becomes a part of the holding.
  • Sibirskaya Niva enterprise starts construction of a new cheese factory in Maslyanino district, Novosibirsk oblast. The processing capacity of the factory amounts to 1,150 tonnes of milk per day.


  • Savinskaya Niva organic farm located in Kaluga oblast starts production of organic milk.
  • The company launches Severnaya Niva Bio project in Orenburg oblast aimed at the development of organic beef cattle farming and fodder production.
  • EkoNiva launches four dairies in Voronezh oblast. The farms Bodeyevka, Dobrino (Liski district), Korshevo and Bobrov II (Bobrov district) have 2,800 cows each.
  • The Academy of Dairy Sciences brand sets up a fan shop in Maslyanino village, Novosibirsk oblast.
  • The President of EkoNiva Group Stefan Dürr is elected chairman of Soyuzmoloko, the Russian National Association of Milk Producers.
  • Stefan Dürr is awarded the 1st Class Medal for his outstanding contribution to the development of Kaluga oblast.
  • Stefan Dürr is awarded as the Media Person of the Year in the Black Soil region.
  • Stefan Dürr becomes a winner of the award named after Dr. Friedrich Joseph Haass for the contribution to the development of the Russian-German relations.
  • EkoNiva receives two awards at the annual Danone Suppliers Day in Kazan. The agricultural holding is recognized in the Innovative Approach to Dairy Farm Business and the Top Milk Quality categories.
  • On 3 April, EkoNiva increases its raw milk output to more than 2,000 tonnes per day, which becomes an important milestone.
  • OkaMoloko farming enterprise officially launches Nesterovo dairy in Pitelino district, Ryazan oblast.
  • The farm is designed for 2,800 milking cows.
  • EkoNiva showcases its dairy products at the 20th international food trade fair SIAL China 2019 in Shanghai.
  • EkoNiva turns 25!


  • EkoNiva’s farming enterprise starts operating in Samara oblast.
  • The organic farming enterprise Savinskaya Niva becomes an affiliate of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).
  • EKONIVA dairy products are honoured with a gold medal and the Diploma of the Winner of the Best Product 2020 international contest.
  • The winter wheat variety Cepheus bred by EkoNiva is included into State Variety Register of Plant Breeding Achievements permitted for use on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • A local history museum opens its doors to visitors in Shchuchye village, Voronezh oblast, with the support of EkoNiva.
  • EkoNiva launches two dairies in Voronezh oblast – Peskovatka and Petropavlovka – with the capacity of 2,800 head each.
  • At Maslenitsa festival, a record-breaking thin pancake with a 2.52 m diameter is made of EKONIVA milk.
  • Stupinskaya Niva Organic (Moscow oblast) and Smolenskaya Niva Organic (Smolensk oblast) are certified by KIWA BCS for crop production.


  • EkoNiva hits a new milestone: 3,000 tonnes of raw milk daily.
  • The employees of EkoNivaAgro and Severnaya Niva Bashkiria receive the keys to their new homes under the Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas programme.
  • EkoNiva farm tour project at Ulanovo dairy, Kaluga oblast, ranks second in the nomination ‘Best Production Facility Tour’ established within the national project ‘Hospitable Russia’.
  • The winter wheat varieties EN Albireo and EN Taygeta bred by EkoNiva enter in the State Variety Register of Plant Breeding Achievements.
  • EkoNiva participates in the world’s largest food and beverage trade fair, Gulfood 2021 in Dubai, for the first time.
  • The company launches the production of UHT organic milk under the EKONIVA ORGANIC brand.
  • EkoNiva participates in the world’s leading trade fair for organic food BIOFACH 2021 in Germany in digital format.
  • EKONIVA dairy produce is presented at the international specialised exhibition for bakery and confectionery markets Modern Bakery Moscow 2021.
  • EkoNiva showcases the entire range of its dairy SKUs at the international food trade fair Prodexpo 2021.
  • EkoNiva-Semena takes part in the largest agricultural forum of Volga and Ural regions AgroKomplex 2021.
  • EKONIVA Professional Line milk is used in coffee drinks served by McDonald’s.
  • The production of the hard cheese Dürr is launched at the cheese plant in Shchuchye village, Voronezh oblast.
  • EkoNiva becomes one of the sponsors of Fyodor Konyukhov’s first solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean aboard a solar-powered catamaran.
  • EkoNiva presents its produce during the business trip of Russian exporting companies to Belgrade, Serbia.
  • The in-house developed software for crop farming EkoCrop 1.9. is integrated into the business processes.
  • For the first time ever, EkoNiva Group ranks among Forbes’ 200 largest private companies in Russia.
  • EkoNiva participates in the international specialised agricultural trade show UzAgroExpo – 2021 in Uzbekistan.
  • EkoNiva produces 1.117 million tonnes of raw milk in 2021.


  • EkoNiva presents its dairy and seed produce at world’s largest food and beverage trade fair Gulfood 2022 in Dubai.
  • EkoNiva farm tour project in Kaluga oblast receives an award for the best interactive content within the National Industrial Tourism Accelerator Programme.
  • EkoNiva receives an award ‘For the greatest contribution to the cattle genomic evaluation via accumulated phenotypic data’ from Agroplem.
  • EkoNiva debuts at the international agricultural trade fair Caspian Agro 2022 in Azerbaijan for the first time.
  • EkoNiva-Semena participates in the international agricultural trade show AgriTek Uzbekistan 2022.
  • EkoNiva launches a tour project at the cheese plant in Shchuchye village, Voronezh oblast.
  • Three farming operations within EkoNiva Group — Zashchitnoye, EkoNivaAgro and Severnaya Niva — celebrate 20th anniversary.
  • EkoNiva launches a curds line at Anna dairy plant in Voronezh oblast.
  • EkoNiva earns a place among the top 30 largest milk processors in Russia.
  • EkoNiva’s milk production exceeds 100,000 tonnes per month.
  • EkoNiva Group takes part in the Russian Filed Day in Kaliningrad oblast.
  • EkoNiva is a first-time participant of Jana Dala/Green Day 2022 in Kazakhstan.
  • EkoNiva Goup exhibits its produce at Saudi Agriculture 2022 trade fair.
  • In Bashkortostan, Severnaya Niva subsidiary commissions Semyono-Makarovo farm designed for 2,800 cows and 3,200 head of young stock.


  • Two new winter wheat varieties – EN Voin and EN Persey – are entered into the Register of Plant Breeding Achievements.
  • EkoNiva Group takes part in the 18th international AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2023 trade fair.
  • EkoNiva Group expands its cheese range by adding Dürr Zeller hard cheese and semi-hard cheeses: Momente aus Schollbrunn and Momente aus Walldorf.
  • NivaStroy, a construction subsidiary, celebrates its 20th anniversary.
  • EkoNiva launched its farm tour project at Ogneva Zaimka dairy in Novosibirsk oblast.
  • EkoNiva starts exporting its dairy produce to Uzbekistan.