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Stupinskaya Niva

Stupinskaya Niva has been operating since 2018. The main area of activity is dairy farming. The enterprise is also engaged in growing winter wheat, perennial grasses, alfalfa, maize silage and maize cornage. Stupinskaya Niva employs 260 people engaged in different areas of activity.

Stupinskaya Niva

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The enterprise operates on the area of 15,000 ha. The total herd size is 5,900 head thereof 3,700 dairy cows. The daily milk yield amounts to 114 tonnes.

The enterprise has a dairy farm with a rated capacity of 3,550 milking cows. The dairy is open for visitors as part of the company’s tour project.

The gross output in 2023 amounted to 18,800 tonnes (including maize for grain, cereals and oil crops).

Stupinskaya Niva


11, Novye doma St., Office 18, 142825, Stupino, Dubnevo village, Moscow oblast