Severnaya Niva sets an example for Orenburg farmers

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Kurskaya Vasilyevka, one of the exemplary dairy farming enterprises in Orenburg oblast, has become a platform for training and consulting agricultural specialists from all over the region. This initiative was put forward by the local Ministry of Agriculture.

To adopt the best production and management practices, heads of regional farms and agricultural authorities, herd managers and veterinarians came to EkoNiva’s dairy. The meeting was organised and coordinated by Grigoriy Zakharov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Processing Industry of Orenburg oblast. Oleg Chernov, Head of the Livestock Farming Department of the regional Ministry of Agriculture, also honoured the guests with his presence.

Within two days of the seminar, the participants covered all the aspects of dairy production – from forage harvesting technologies and ration formulation to peculiarities of milking on a rotary and systems of herd management and livestock raising. To give new insights into the field, Mikhail Gurnov, Livestock Farming Director of EkoNiva-APK Holding, shared his professional expertise with the audience. The expert answered numerous questions about the company’s approach to the development of dairy farming and the latest work results. It is worth noting that in January the total milk yield at EkoNiva's dairies exceeded 2,900 tonnes per day.

‘This was the first meeting of such a high calibre held on the premises of Kurskaya Vasilyevka, but we are sure it won’t be the last’, says Pyotr Dubyanskiy, Regional Director for Volga region of Severnaya Niva. ‘We are eager to endorse the initiative of the regional Ministry of Agriculture and share our practical experience with fellow farmers. Only by joining hands and having a constructive dialogue will we ensure the dynamic development of the dairy industry in Orenburg oblast.’