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Star varieties from EkoNiva

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The winter wheat varieties EN Albireo and EN Taygeta bred by EkoNiva have been entered in the State Variety Register of Plant Breeding Achievements permitted for use in the territory of the Russian Federation.

For over six years now, EkoNiva has been engaged in winter wheat and soybean breeding project based in Zashchitnoye, Kursk oblast. Last year, the endeavour delivered first results: the winter wheat variety Cepheus was approved for use. This winter, EN Albireo and EN Taygeta, also named after constellations, have become welcome additions to the range of varieties bred by EkoNiva.

‘EN Albireo winter wheat variety has been included in the State Variety Register of Plant Breeding Achievements as permitted for use in Region 5, Central Black Soil’, states Andrey Zvyagin, Plant Breeder of EkoNiva-Semena. ‘It is a mid-maturing variety of intensive type, resistant to lodging. In terms of flour quality, it corresponds to strong (improver) wheats. The yield potential is 12 tonnes/hectare.’

The main distinctive feature of the cultivars is their high winter hardiness. Besides, the varieties respond to high fertiliser input with a sharp productivity rise.’

‘EN Taygeta is registered with permission for use in region 5 and 7, Central Black Soil and Middle Volga, respectively’, continues Andrey Zvyagin. ‘The plants are short-stalked, with average height of 84 cm. EN Taygeta is resistant to major diseases common in field conditions and with intensive technologies applied delivers maximised yield.’

The genetics of the new varieties ensures high and stable yields due to their resistance to stressful biotic and abiotic environmental factors. These include primarily frost and winter hardiness, drought tolerance and resistance to the most common phytopathogens in the field.

‘The state registration of the varieties is the result of many years of hard work’, emphasises Andrey Zvyagin. ‘No doubt, our new varieties will become popular with Russian farmers looking for a productive winter-hardy wheat variety.’

Six more lines of EkoNiva’s breeding are currently undergoing state variety testing and are likely to join the ranks of registered varieties this year.