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EkoNiva Tour Project receives over 200 visitors every day on Ulanovo (Kaluga oblast) and Dobrino (Voronezh oblast) dairy farms.

The mission of the Tour Project is to promote dairy products and a healthy lifestyle and welcome everybody interested in dairy production.

‘The programme starts with a tour of the farm’, explains Yelena Dudkina, Tour Project Coordinator of EkoNiva-Food. ‘The guests get an insight into milking parlour operation, barn conditions and farm work.’

Children can bottle-feed little calves and learn how to mix proper feed for cows at a master class. Besides, one can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage to enjoy the scenery around.

‘Our visitor traffic has increased since early spring’, continues Yelena Dudkina. ‘We are expanding our collaboration with children centres, schools and travel agencies, so in September, we expect to have regular tour groups from International House, an international school network.’

Also there is an educational project together with Academy private school - the teachers will give playful career guidance lessons for middle and high school children on our farms. Ulanovo and Dobrino dairy farms will be equipped with a mini-laboratory for milk quality assessment. Using a special MilcoScan device, the guests will be able to test the product and find out how much protein, fat and lactose the milk contains.

‘We expect our visitors to have fun, but also learn something new’, says Svetlana Nepomnyashchaya, Coordinator of EkoNiva-Food Tour Project. ‘Moreover, we have a custom-tailored tour for people with special needs. Every time, we are delighted to see their happy faces and glowing eyes.’