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Organic farming under control

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The Russian quality control system ‘Roskachestvo’ has conducted an inspection of EkoNiva organic farm in Novodugino village, Smolensk oblast.

According to law, the organic certification under the GOST standard is to be verified on an annual basis. The Roskachestvo evaluated crop, soil and feed quality compliance. The results of laboratory tests confirmed the absence of herbicides and crop protection chemicals, the application of which is strictly forbidden in organic farming. The committee specialists also checked the cows’ health and housing conditions and were satisfied to see that they meet all the requirements of organic dairy production standards: the cows live in a natural environment without any stress factors and graze in the cultivated pastures choosing their own ration.

‘The enterprise is situated in a pristine area’, says Maksim Vanin, Farm Director. ‘The local environment is perfect for organic crop and animal farming – fertile soil not tainted with pesticides, vast cow grazing pastures and clean water. It is noteworthy that Novodugino district is the birthplace of Vasiliy Dokuchayev, a famous Russian geologist, who laid the foundations of the soil science. We hope that organic farming will become a principal industry for the region as ecological balance and soil health are sustainable goals of organic agriculture.’

Smolenskaya Niva farm specialises in organic crop and livestock farming. The oats, spring and winter wheat farmland is 9,000 ha. The herd of predominantly Sychevskaya breed totals 920 head including 474 dairy cows and produces about 5.5 tonnes of milk per day.