EkoNiva farms: forage harvested

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EkoNiva Group, the largest raw milk producer in Russia, has reported the results the fodder harvesting campaign 2021. This year, the enterprises has prepared almost 800,000 tonnes of roughages for cattle, which is in line with last year's results. Thus, the cows are going to be fully provided with natural feed. EkoNiva’s total herd is over 215,000 head of cattle including 110,000 dairy cows.

This season, 187,000 hectares were sown with forage crops. Annual and perennial grasses occupy 113,000 hectares, maize – 64,000 hectares. Compared to 2020, the forage crop area is slightly smaller this year.

‘The increased yields of alfalfa sown in previous years allowed to get higher output from smaller area. As a result, despite difficult weather conditions, some farms harvested forages in excess of the plan. Enterprises in Kaluga and Moscow oblasts reaped the largest crop and intend to the surplus to external customers’, comments Aleksandr Anpilov, Crop Production Director, EkoNiva-APK Holding.

State-of-the-art farm machinery by global manufacturers, advanced practices, smart and precision farming methods, continuous employee training and implementation of in-house designed software solution Eko.Crop for agronomists ensure efficient forage production.