Harvesting at Siberian enterprises of EkoNiva came to an end

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The crop harvested on the area of 64,218 hectares exceeded the production plan by 10%.

Sibirskaya Niva, an enterprise within EkoNiva Group in Novosibirsk oblast and Altai Krai, have finished up the harvesting campaign and summed up this season’s performance.

EkoNiva enterprises in Siberia have harvested 64,218 hectares: cereals and pulses – 33,000 hectares, oilseeds – 1,900 hectares and forage grasses – the remaining area.

Sibirskaya Niva comprises three operations – Maslyanino, Cherepanovo and Altai. This year, all of them have delivered great performance and exceeded the key targets by about 10%.

‘The average yield of cereals and pulses has gone above 3.3 tonnes/hectare, while in Novosibirsk oblast this figure amounts to 2.3 tonnes/hectare. At Cherepanovo, the winter wheat has reached an impressive yield of above 5.5 tonnes/hectare’, says Sergey Lyakhov, EkoNiva-APK Holding Regional Director for Siberia.

Currently, the soil cultivation is underway in the Siberian fields.