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Food industry experts visiting EkoNiva production

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Members of FOODOVIK entrepreneurial social network have come to see the production and processing of the highest-quality milk.

Members of FOODOVIK social network for food industry specialists have visited the operations of EkoNiva, the Russian largest dairy holding. The group included Zaur Dzakhmishev, the founder of the web platform, representatives of food productions and restaurant chains, retailers, distributors and food experts.

Before going to MosMedynagroprom milk processing plant, the guests took a tour of Ulanovo dairy farm to learn about cows’ daily routine. The highlights included visiting rotary milking parlour and bottle feeding newly born baby-calves.

Later, the food industry experts participated in a blind tasting of dairy products and cheese of different brands including EkoNiva. They noted the original spicy flavour of new Dürr hard cheese made using Brevibacterium linens. The guests also sampled items from professional and organic lines. Professional Line UHT milk is created specially for hospitality industry, contains higher protein for better and more stable foaming and is suitable for any type of coffee machines. Organic milk produced according to specific requirements is rich in D3 vitamin and phosphorous.

‘Such dedicated events are designed not only to give food industry professionals a better insight into actual dairy production process but also to set a solid foundation for an active and long-lasting cooperation and joint projects. This visit is more that just an entertainment for us, it is also a new experience providing our experts with deeper knowledge in milk production and processing. We are also impressed with EkoNiva employees’ expertise and passion for what they are doing’, says Zaur Dzakhmishev, founder of FOODOVIK network.

‘We’re delighted to observe such a lively interest shown by our colleagues representing all business segments in the from-field-to-customer chain. The events and meetings like this are instrumental in improving interaction within the industry’, says Yekaterina Duerr, Deputy Manager of EkoNiva-Food Marketing Division.

EkoNiva tour project operates in Voronezh and Kaluga oblasts to implement the goal of being honest and transparent about raw milk production and processing. About 100,000 guests have visited EkoNiva farms since 2013. The company also welcomes food industry and retailer representatives to its operations: Auchan, Globus, Okay, Magnit, Tvoy Dom and many others.

FOODOVIK was created in April 2020 in order to bring accomplished food industry professionals together for business networking, sharing experience, exchanging ideas, developing competence and exploring global partnering opportunities. By now, the platform has united food and beverage production, distribution and sales representatives from over 80 countries.