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EkoNiva at World Expo 2020 Dubai

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During the Russian Agricultural Week, the company is going to be among its partners providing the country’s pavilion with its dairy produce and hard cheeses.

On 12-15 February, EkoNiva Group, Russia’s largest milk-producing holding, will be one of the partners of the Russian Agricultural Week at the World Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE. The company is going to present its natural dairy produced under the ‘From Field to Shop Shelf’ principle and unveil its premium-quality hard cheese Dürr.

Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo taking place in the MENA & SA region (the Middle East, Africa and South Asia). From 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, it will provide a global platform for the implementation of innovative solutions and promotion of international cooperation and networking among the 192 countries participating in the trade show.

Throughout the business programme within the Russian Agricultural Week, the attendees will have an opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee with a dash of EkoNiva Professional Line milk designed specifically for HoReCa industry.

Thanks to its high protein content, EkoNiva Professional Line milk is easy to whip into a stable foam of desired consistency, which is also ideal for latte art. Along with conventional milk, the Group is also going to present the first organic UHT milk from Russia. Moreover, the hard cheese Dürr is going to complement the welcome cocktail appetizers and gala dinner dishes prepared by Igor Grishchechkin, Chef at CoCoCo restaurant (St. Petersburg), and Yevgeniy Vikentyev, Executive Chef at a one Michelin Star restaurant Beluga (Moscow).

‘Being the largest raw milk producer in Russia, EkoNiva Group is also open to supplying other countries with top-grade dairy. The company has all the resources required: fertile soil for growing and preparing nutritious feed for the highly productive cows, a team of highly qualified specialists willing to work and develop their professional skills and, last but not least, support at the highest level. Alongside natural dairy production, the company is actively expanding its crop farming business, the area under lentil and chickpeas in particular since these niche crops have a considerable export potential’, comments Ivan Vorobyov, Deputy Director General of EkoNiva-Food.

EkoNiva has been exporting dairy produce since June 2020, mainly to the PRC. Following the results of 2021, the Group has increased its export volume more than ninefold in both natural and monetary terms. The company is actively engaged in international cooperation development and gaining entry into the markets of the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

To top it off, EkoNiva Group is currently working on the expansion of its crop produce sales territories and supply volumes. The company is the largest grower and distributor of Canadian red lentil seeds in Russia, set to become a major player for this crop in the commodity market, too. In 2021, EkoNiva produced over 17,000 tonnes of lentils, which is a four-time increase on the previous year. The seeds have so far been supplied to the UAE, Turkey and Pakistan. In 2022, the Group is planning to further boost export of pulses.