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EkoNiva holds family relay races

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EkoNiva has held a sports festival for the families of its employees in Voronezh oblast. Ten teams representing all the regional subdivisions of the company competed for the titles of gold medalists and EkoNiva’s sportiest family.

The athletic competition consisted of ten relay races. The participants demonstrated their strength, speed, agility as well as creativity. The teams gave their all bolting to the finish line with virtually no breakaway, which kept the spectators and judges on the edge of their seats until the very last minute.

Among the two-child families, the vigorous team of the Kovzalovs won the gold. The father of the family Ivan is a herd manager for young stock at EkoNivaAgro-North operation. The close-knit Voskoboyniks’ team was the first in the category of one-child families. The head of the family Nikolai is a chief herd manager at EkoNivaAgro-Left Bank.

‘It feels so good to enjoy not only your work, but also corporate family fests. I’m grateful to EkoNiva for creating a festive mood and spreading positive vibes’, says Nikolai Voskoboynik.

All the participants were awarded memorable gifts, medals and certificates of participation. The EkoNiva’s family fest turned out truly welcoming, heart-warming and full of children’s happy, ringing laughter.