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First-timer at AgriTek

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In mid-June, EkoNiva-Semena participated in AgriTek Uzbekistan 2022, an international agricultural trade fair in Tashkent. At the largest exhibition in Uzbekistan, the company presented its portfolio of pedigree dairy cattle and high-yielding varieties.

EkoNiva started active cooperation with Uzbekistan farmers last year. Agriculture is high-priority sector in the country’s economy. The farming industry accounts for over 30% of the gross domestic product, 35% of the human resource and a major share of currency inflow. Uzbekistan boasts favourable climatic conditions for various crops and uses irrigation systems countrywide.

In 2021, EkoNiva delivered the first batches of soya and winter wheat seeds to local producers. Quality winter wheat seeds are in high demand in the republic as cereals together with cotton occupy over 70% of all farm land.

‘The farming season is in full swing in Uzbekistan. The varieties supplied by EkoNiva perform well even this extremely arid year. We are harvesting 4-4.5 t/ha whereas local varieties yield around 3 t/ha’, points out Aleksandr Ryabenko, EkoNiva-Semena Sales Rep.

The company is about to launch the trials of its commercial and in-house varieties at the local State Variety Testing facility to make them eligible for inclusion in the register of varieties recommended for sowing in the country. It will help to popularise EkoNiva varieties in Uzbekistan and ensure a wider choice of crops and varieties available to local growers.

The company held numerous business meetings with potential buyers of pedigree cattle at AgriTek Uzbekistan 2022.

‘At the moment, we have six customers in Uzbekistan looking into purchasing pedigree cattle from EkoNiva. They are willing to come to our dairy farms in the nearest time to see the herd. We expect to export about 3,500 – 4,000 head to the country’, says Viktor Voronin, Cattle Sales Department Manager at EkoNiva-Semena.

Currently, the company is going through the certification of quarantine sites for the cattle batches intended for Uzbekistan.