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Sabantuy in Bugulma

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Severnaya Niva Tatarstan, EkoNiva Group, has taken part in Sabantuy – a national Tatar festival dedicated to completing spring fieldwork.

Sabantuy literally means ‘a fest of plough’ in Tatar and is celebrated in 3 stages. First, in villages, after sowing and then in towns and cities a week later. One more week later, the regional Sabantuy is hosted by the Republic capital Kazan. Sabantuy 2022 in Bugulma featured a farm machinery exposition, food and craft fairs.

At the event, EkoNiva presented the full range of dairy products including the premium 6 and 12-month aged Dürr hard cheese. The guests could enjoy time with calves and have pictures at the photo booth. The children received dessert quarks and yoghurts as a gift.

EkoNiva has been operating in the Republic of Tatarstan since 2018. Dairy and crop production is its core business in the region. At present, the company is constructing Naratly dairy designed for 3,550 dairy cows and 5,100 head of young stock. The facility includes 4 cow barns, calf barns, heifer lots, a feed centre and a sanitation point.

EkoNiva dairy operation is going to be a significant contribution to the prosperity growth of Bugulma district and the entire Southeast of the Republic ensuring a sustainable social and economic development of the rural areas in the region.