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EkoNiva welcomes employees to new flats

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EkoNivaAgro, Group subdivision in Voronezh oblast, has invested over 62 billion rubles in housing to provide young specialists in Bobrov district with 45 corporate flats. Eighteen employees have already received the keys to their new homes and are settling in.

EkoNiva welcomes employees to new flats

The one- and two-room flats are newly decorated, furnished and fitted with gas equipment and home appliances. The employees live there rent-free paying utility bills only.

Ensuring comfortable living conditions for the specialists is one of the top priorities of EkoNiva’s HR policy. A lot of young professionals have moved to work at EkoNiva enterprises from other regions of Russia, therefore accommodation is of great concern to them.

According to Roman Volodin, First Deputy Regional Director of EkoNivaAgro for Voronezh oblast, new hosts will move to the remaining 27 flats by the end of 2022.

‘We do our best to create conditions that would attract young professionals to come to our enterprises. We want to see our villages full of youth: men and women, who would feel comfortable to stay, work and also start their families here to fill our playgrounds with children's laughter’, says Roman Volodin.

EkoNiva welcomes employees to new flats

The keys to new homes were handed to employees working in various positions for EkoNivaAgro-East and North operations: herd managers, agronomists, engineers, milking operators and others.

Together with her husband Aleksandr and three sons, Anastasiya Galaganova moved to Voronezh oblast from Murmansk a few ago years ago to work as an accountant for EkoNivaAgro-North operation. Two years later, the company accommodated the family in a modern two-room flat.

‘I’m immensely grateful to EkoNiva for providing us with an excellent flat. The company makes a huge contribution to the social development of the rural area turning it into a place where you want to live and raise your children’, says Anastasiya Galaganova.

EkoNiva welcomes employees to new flats

Besides, to ensure more housing opportunities for the rural workers, EkoNiva has joined the Comprehensive Rural Area Development Federal Programme. In 2020–2021, the company co-financed construction of private houses for the employees of the farms in Liski and Bobrov districts. It is expected to commission 15 more houses in Bobrov district under the programme by the end of this year and another 20 housing facilities – in 2023.