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EkoNiva presents seeds of in-house breeding at Russian Field Day

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EkoNiva-Semena, a seed growing and plant breeding company within EkoNiva Group, participated in the Russian Field Day 2022 which took place in Kaliningrad oblast on 28-30 July.

EkoNiva presents seeds of in-house breeding at Russian Field Day

Over 350 companies from 59 regions of Russia have taken part in the event. Agricultural technologies, cutting-edge developments in land use, state-of-the-art farming machinery, products of agricultural producers and plant breeders have been displayed at the event.

EkoNiva-Semena presented its entire range of certified seeds from commercial portfolio. In total 63 varieties were showcased, including seeds of cereals, pulses, oleaginous plants and forage crops. The company displayed winter wheat varieties of in-house breeding, named after constellations. EN Cepheus variety demonstrates high productivity potential amounting to 11 tonnes per hectare, while EN Albireo and EN Taygeta can achieve the yield of 12 tonnes per hectare.

‘The main features of the new varieties are winter hardiness and drought resistance. The seeds ensure consistently high yields’, says Aleksandr Novoselov, Senior Seed Sales Representative, EkoNiva-Semena.

EkoNiva presents seeds of in-house breeding at Russian Field Day

The company presented three early and midseason-ripening soyabean varieties of own breeding: EN Argenta, EN Accent, EN Argument.

‘EN Argument is characterised by high productivity equaling 2.5-3 tonnes per hectare and a very high protein content – up to 42.5%. The productivity potential of EN Accent is 3.5 tonnes per hectare. EN Argenta is an early maturing variety, its highest yielding capacity reached 5 tonnes per hectare’, comments Aleksandr Novoselov.

Moreover, the guests visited demonstrational plots seeded with Laurikka spring barley and Licamero spring wheat.

EkoNiva presents seeds of in-house breeding at Russian Field Day

‘Licamero spring wheat is an intensive-type variety with a combination of early maturity and high yielding capacity. The crop forms a dense ear and demonstrates hail resistance. Laurikka spring wheat showed uniform sprouting and a high tillering capacity. The variety is resistant to foliar diseases, this feature allows to grow this crop organically on any type of soil’, says Aleksandr Ryabenko, Sales Representative, EkoNiva-Semena.

EkoNiva-Semena has been cooperating with farmers from Kaliningrad oblast for seven years. The demand for Triso spring soft wheat and Laurikka spring barley has always been steady. Moreover, EkoNiva’s novelties kindled interest among many farmers. The varieties are expected to easily adapt to the soil and climate zone of the region.