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New tools for efficient business

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EkoNiva opened Group’s joint booth at Voronezh Field Day 2022, the 15th interregional trade fair. The company presented cutting-edge farm machinery of global brands, an extensive range of high-yielding seeds, pedigree cattle and EkoNiva dairy products.

New tools for efficient business

The machinery holding showcased over 20 unique solutions for successful farming business.

The dealer debuted a new brand in its portfolio – NAGRO, one of the leading Russian manufacturers of fertiliser and plant chemical mixing units.

The RUKAS dissolving units employ an unprecedented patented cold molecular synthesis technology, which is designed for preparing urea ammonium nitrate (UAN), liquid complex and compound fertilisers (LCF) with an active substance concentration of 30-40 per cent. They are promptly utilised by plants, strengthen their root systems, improve humus content in the soil and reduce acidification.

New tools for efficient business

The FJDynamics auto steer system was the highlight of digital novelties in EkoNiva-Chernozemye’s portfolio.

‘This system provides high signal accuracy and top brands’ functionality at an affordable price. The smart digital solution includes convenient route patterns and generates operating reports in .shp and .isoxml formats. In addition, one RTK base station can communicate with up to 20 vehicles simultaneously’, comments Sergey Sidorenko, Smart Solution Sales Department Specialist at EkoNiva-Chernozemye. Apart from that, the dealer displayed machines from Gregoire Besson, Einböck, Pöttinger, Haybuster, Bednar, RAUCH.

New tools for efficient business

EkoNiva-Semena presented its seed portfolio featuring 63 varieties of in-house and foreign breeding. At the demonstration plots, the company showed novelty in-house varieties: winter wheat EN Cepheus, EN Taygeta, EN Albireo, EN Photon, EN Mars and soya beans EN Argenta, EN Akcent and EN Argument.

New tools for efficient business

The agricultural holding’s experts at the booth talked about the portfolio of pedigree dairy cattle with a high genetic potential for sale.

As usual, the Day of Voronezh Field has served as an excellent platform for business networking and contract negotiations.