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Harvesting at EkoNiva’s dairies in Voronezh oblast is halfway through

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EkoNivaAgro’s enterprises in Voronezh oblast have gathered crops from half of the fields which were planned to be harvested by now. The area allocated for winter and spring crops in 2022 amounts to 20,400 ha – 55% more than a year ago.

Harvesting at EkoNiva’s dairies in Voronezh oblast is halfway through

This season, winter wheat is being harvested in the region on a total area of around 13,500 ha. The average productivity is 6.4 t/ha. Spring barley harvesting is well underway too.

Oil flax has been grown on EkoNivaAgro’s farms for two years. This year, the crop will be gathered from more than 4,200 ha with an average yield of 1.73 t/ha.

‘The harvesting campaign is progressing well – all machines function properly and we have enough workers for all tasks in the field. EkoNiva’s enterprises operate in accordance with the established practices constantly improving their performance. For example, the current winter wheat yield in Voronezh oblast is much higher than we projected. In general, the prospects for harvest in the region look good’, points out Aleksandr Anpilov, Crop Farming Director at EkoNiva-APK Holding.

In EkoNivaAgro Left Bank operation, the midpoint of the summer season was marked with an open-air concert. Belye Rosy band performed in front of the combine operators, tractor drivers and agronomists. The musicians sang folk songs and wished the farmers bumper crop in conclusion.