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Ryazan employees of EkoNiva receive awards from the Ministry of Agriculture

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Thirty-one employees of OkaMoloko, EkoNiva Group, have won federal, regional and municipal awards for the impressive performance. The ceremony was devoted to the Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers’ Day.

Viktor Kochkin, Machine Operator of OkaMoloko-East, was presented with an appreciation letter from the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. He has been working in farming for over 40 years, his professional experience making for high production efficiency and inspiring the younger generation.

The senior veterinarian of Shatsk farm Alyona Rulyova was awarded a certificate of honour from the Regional Ministry of Agriculture. She is responsible for more than 12,100 head of cattle, of which 6,330 are dairy cows, and ensures their high productivity. Over the nine months of 2022, the milk yield per dairy cow has reached 8,200 kg.

‘Thanks to our specialists, OkaMoloko is the top raw milk producer in Ryazan oblast. Every year, we raise the bar in crop production, enhance agricultural technologies and employ digital solutions in livestock farming. We are grateful to all the employees for their dedication and huge contribution to EkoNiva’s development’, says Vladimir Materikin, Regional Director for Ryazan oblast, OkaMoloko.

This year, the enterprise has made good progress – the harvest of cereals constituted about 125,800 tonnes, that of forage crops approached 100,000 tonnes in dry matter, while the raw milk output is estimated to reach 145,000 tonnes by the end of the year.

OkaMoloko specialises in dairy farming. The total herd size amounts to 26,000 head, and half of them are milking cows providing a daily yield of 400 tonnes, which is 25% of the regional figure.