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Two more EkoNiva varieties entered into Register of Plant Breeding Achievements

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EN Voin and EN Persey bred by EkoNiva Group’s Centre of Plant Breeding and Variety Maintenance are two new winter wheat varieties that have been entered into the State Register of Plant Breeding Achievements. In 2023, they are allowed for use in the Central Black Soil and Middle Volga regions.

The new varieties, both of intensive type, feature high plasticity, winter hardiness, resistance to lodging and consistently high yields delivered in various climatic and soil conditions. Other essential advantages include a high baking quality, compatibility with various types of predecessors and resistance to pests.

The maximum yield of the EN Voin at Shchigry State Variety Trial Plot in Kursk oblast reached 10.67 tonnes/ha in 2022. EN Persey delivered its record yield of 11.7 tonnes/ha at the same plot in 2017. In 2020, it performed at 10.8 tonnes/ha.

The vegetation period of the EN Voin amounts to 265 – 310 days; of the EN Persey – from 258 to 300 days. The new varieties performed well in the special climate chamber for frost tolerance valuation. Sixty-eight per cent of EN Voin tillers and 65% of EN Persey tillers survived when exposed to temperatures down to –16 °С. The varieties show good tillering and high head kernel content. For example, the EN Persey averages 50-80 kernels in the spike.

EkoNiva Group started to develop its own breeding programme in 2015. Since then, the company has listed 7 varieties of winter wheat and 3 early maturing high-protein varieties of soya bean. Besides, the growing regions of the EN Argenta soya bean have been expanded to the Central Black Soil, Central and Middle Volga regions.

‘Russian breeders are facing the challenge of creating competitive varieties of field crops to ensure the country’s food security. And we are proud to make our contribution to the project of this scale. EkoNiva’s varieties listed in the State Register mean a high recognition of our work and a proof that have taken right decisions’, says Vitaliy Voloshchenko, Director of EkoNiva Group’s Centre of Plant Breeding and Variety Maintenance.

Currently, several more winter wheat and soya bean varieties bred by EkoNiva are in trials at the State Variety Testing Commission. The company has also launched breeding programmes for soft spring wheat, lentil, chickpea and lupin varieties.