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Spring sowing gets underway

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EkoNiva Group, the largest dairy holding in Russia, has announced the start of the sowing campaign. The first regions to begin it were Voronezh and Kursk oblasts. Other regions are setting the stage for the planting season by fertilising winter crops, harrowing and tilling the soil.

Spring sowing gets underway

In 2023, EkoNiva intends to cultivate over 440,000 ha with over 60,000 ha seeded with winter crops and about 200,000 ha to be planted with cash crops.

This year, the field works have commenced ahead of the usual schedule since the weather conditions made for top dressing winter crops as early as in mid-March. Later, in the same month, the operations harrowed perennial crops and winter cereals and tilled the soil prior to sowing.

Since April, the farms based in Kursk and Voronezh oblasts have been seeding oats, barley, spring wheat and alfalfa. Further plans are afoot to plant lentils, peas, soya beans, beetroot, flax, corn and buckwheat. In Voronezh oblast, sunflowers will be sown as well.

All EkoNiva’s divisions have plentiful supplies of seeds, fertilisers and plant protection agents and their agricultural fleets are geared up for the upcoming tasks. This season, the farms intend to engage more than 2,300 machines, including over 900 self-propelled units.

‘In respect of weather conditions, this year is special as spring has sprung simultaneously in many of our geographies. The Group’s enterprises have done a substantial job to have the sowing campaign started in the optimal time in terms of agronomy. The remaining regions will get down to the campaign as soon as the soil warms up enough and reaches the suitable physical condition’, notes Aleksandr Anpilov, Director for Crop Farming at EkoNiva.