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Master’s degree from EkoNiva

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New students have enrolled on the EkoNiva’s Corporate Master’s Degree Course aimed at upskilling the company’s budding specialists.

Master’s degree from EkoNiva

Over 50 EkoNiva’s herd managers, agronomists and engineers have embarked on EkoNiva’s master’s this year. Such training provides them with an opportunity to grow professionally and move up the career ladder.

‘EkoNiva’s Master’s Degree course is one of the key steps making up the education strategy for the staff of the holding’s operations. The programme has been approved by the company management and is an important milestone of employee professional development as well as a way to improve their performance’, says Boris Morev, Human Resources Manager, EkoNiva‑APK Holding.

Within nine months, students will have from three to six sessions lasting for three-five days each. Theory and practice not only broaden discipline-specific skills but also cover human resource management, leadership and business economics issues.

Currently, the company is upskilling nineteen employees in livestock farming. Herd managers, veterinarians, reproduction specialists are lectured on animal feeding, fodder preparation, milking and orthopaedics. Later, they will gain hands-on experience at the company’s dairies.

Master’s degree from EkoNiva

Today, a total of eighteen engineers of the technical division are studying cutting-edge farm machinery, discussing scheduled maintenance issues and sharing their experience with the colleagues. For the further development of their professional expertise, the learners are doing tasks in service workshops.

Agronomists numbered eighteen are studying plant protection methods, fodder preparation, feeding, grain storing and handling. Furthermore, spring sowing, functions and operation of state-of-the-art farm vehicles come into focus in the classrooms.

‘This project is one of the newest in our career development system. It was launched at EkoNiva’s enterprises in 2020. Back then, ten specialists were provided with the training. In 2021, fifty-six employees took the course, while in 2022 – fifty-seven. This year, there are fifty-five of them, which sets a good trend’, concludes Boris Morev.

EkoNiva’s Master’s Degree Course runs until the end of 2023. After broadening their knowledge, the learners will obtain certificates of completion and will get a promotion opportunity at the holding’s enterprises.