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EkoNiva enterprises in Kaluga oblast confirm organic production status

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The Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo) confirms the organic status of EkoNiva enterprises in Kaluga oblast. Following the inspection carried out by the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo), EkoNiva Group subsidiaries Savinskaya Niva (organic farming enterprise) and MosMedynagroprom (milk-processing plant) have proven their conformity with organic standards. The certificate of conformity is issued for three years and implies an annual inspection aimed at confirming that the enterprises meet all the requirements applicable to organic operations.

Savinskaya Niva is located in Medyn district, Kaluga oblast. The conversion to organic farming took three years and was completed in 2015. Organic practices imply environment and human health protection. The production processes at organic enterprises are strictly regulated. For example, chemical fertilisers and crop protection agents are absolutely forbidden, and cattle must be kept in the most natural environment.

The total herd size of Savinskaya Niva farm is 900 head, including 450 head of beef cattle and 455 dairy cows. The enterprise employs a free-stall housing system involving a 6-month grazing period every year.

MosMedynagroprom is located 90 km away from Savinskaya Niva. The processing plant produces a wide range of dairy under the EKONIVA brand, including the EKONIVA Organic line made from organic raw milk provided by Savinskaya Niva. The milk is transported in special trucks to avoid contact with conventionally produced milk. The plant uses a dedicated line for the entire production and packaging process. The EKONIVA Organic line includes 3.3-6% fat whole pasteurised milk and 3.2% fat UHT milk. In February, 2022, EkoNiva became the first company in Russia to produce long-shelf-life organic UHT milk.

EKONIVA organic milk is sold in the company’s brand shops and federal retail chains.