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Seven years in the forefront of raw milk production

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EkoNiva Group has confirmed its status as Russia's largest dairy holding. For seven years in a row, the company has taken the lead in the ranking of raw milk producers prepared by the analysts of the National Association of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko), Milknews industry-specific agency and Streda Consulting.

Seven years in the forefront of raw milk production

In 2022, the raw milk yield from EkoNiva’s farms reached 1.19 million tonnes, surpassing the 2021 result by 73,000 tonnes. It is the second straight year that the Group has remained the only producer in Russia to pass the milestone of 1 million tonnes of raw milk.

There are several key achievements of the holding that account for its successful performance. First and foremost, it is the efficient business model with high-end segment-balanced assets at its core. EkoNiva is a vertically integrated holding with a continuous production chain and constant quality control from growing forage to manufacturing finished dairy products. This approach, along with construction of farms according to standard projects and a unified management system, makes for running the company’s economy in the best way possible.

The professional team is another factor of EkoNiva's success. The specialists never cease to improve their competencies, exchange experience and do corporate training. Besides, of special interest is work with young people – students and graduates of agricultural educational institutions.

Good care for animals also contributes to the company’s high performance. EkoNiva has its own feed supplies for calves and cows and uses the in-house developed software Eko.Feed to formulate optimal rations for them. In addition, all animals are kept at dairies with free-stall housing and gentle automated milking on rotaries.

Strict quality control at all stages of production results in getting premium raw milk from every farm. The Group's specialists have also developed higher quality standards for milk used in cheese making: A grade cheese milk is selected based on 29 parameters. Therefore, top quality and flavour characteristics of the finished products are guaranteed.

Over the first six months of 2023, EkoNiva has again showed growth in operating results: its farms have produced 619,400 tonnes of raw milk, which is 6% more than a year earlier. The estimated output for 2023 is about 1.3 million tonnes of milk.