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Boosting Ryazan farming

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EkoNiva keeps pushing forward with its activities in Ryazan oblast and investment in its economy. At St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Pavel Malkov, Governor of the region, and Stefan Dürr, President of EkoNiva Group, signed the corresponding bilateral cooperation agreement.

Boosting Ryazan farming

The document confirms the parties’ intentions to interact with regard to the implementation of investment projects in dairy farming, plant breeding and seed growing, manufacture of finished dairy products, as well as housing construction as part of the Comprehensive Development of Rural Areas programme. This is the second cooperation agreement between EkoNiva Group and the government of Ryazan oblast aimed at attracting investment in the local farming sector.

EkoNiva operates in six districts of the region: Chuchkovo, Pitelino, Shatsk, Sarai, Sasovo and Aleksandro-Nevskiy. The company’s enterprise in Ryazan oblast comprises four modern dairies with free-stall housing system. Two of them, including Shatsk mega-farm for 6,000 cows, were built under the first cooperation agreement as of 2018.

‘We are happy that EkoNiva has chosen to do its business in our region. For our part, we provide and will continue to provide full support to all of its operations. Today's agreement is expected to give a new boost to our synergy. Hopefully, the company’s further efforts will be focused on Ryazan oblast first and foremost’, says Pavel Malkov, Governor of the region.

‘Ryazan oblast is one of our key geographies. It is here that a significant part of the holding's farmland is located, which opens up new opportunities – for example, for rapid development of plant breeding and seed growing. As the country's leader in raw milk production, EkoNiva is poised to work consistently in this area as well. Another promising segment is manufacture of finished dairy products. We are grateful to Ryazan authorities for their assistance in creating comfortable conditions for work in the region’, notes Stefan Dürr, President of EkoNiva Group.