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EkoNiva presents a wide range of products at YUGAGRO 2023

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Krasnodar has hosted YUGAGRO 2023, a major international agricultural trade show. For the first time, EkoNiva-Chernozemye has taken part in the event, presenting its technical innovations to local farmers. EkoNiva’s booth also featured seeds of in-house and global breeding and highly productive pedigree cattle.

This summer, EkoNiva-Chernozemye opened a standalone department in Dinskaya stanitsa, Krasnodar area. The new dealership centre has office premises, a spare parts warehouse storing up to 10,000 items and a modern machinery repair shop. From now on, EkoNiva-Chernozemye can offer Kuban farmers efficient solutions for successful agribusiness.

In the Russian market, significant changes are taking place in the telescopic handler segment. More and more competitive Asian and Turkish machines are coming to replace the western counterparts, already winning the hearts of many farmers.

At YUGAGRO 2023, EkoNiva-Chernozemye showcased one of its major novelties – the SANY STH742 telescopic handler. The machine of the Chinese manufacturer is ideal for carrying out various farm operations. The SANY STH742 is fitted with a 100 hp Deutz engine providing high performance and fuel efficiency.

‘The maximum lift height of the telehandler is 7 metres, and the lifting capacity is 4.2 tonnes. It operates perfectly in limited spaces due to a compact wheelbase of 2.75 metres and a small turning radius of 3.6 metres. It can be coupled with different attachments thanks to a JCB-unified carriage and extra hydraulic circuits. This makes the machine a versatile tool for performing all kinds of tasks on any site’, says Stanislav Dolbin, After-Sales Service Department Manager at EkoNiva-Chernozemye.

The company offered the visitors of YUGAGRO 2023 a digital novelty – the NAVMOPO navigation system, which can be installed on machinery of any brand with a conventional configuration. The use of the Mobile RTK high-precision signal in the system ensures a 2.5-cm accuracy.

What is unique about NAVMOPO is that it supports additional satellite-based precise positioning services, thus providing an operational accuracy of +/-10 cm. This eliminates the need for costly adjustment procedures and is perfect for tackling tasks that do not require high accuracy.

The demonstration of the SP-30 plane intended for aerial application of chemicals came as a surprise to everyone at the trade show. The machine carries up to 160 kg of payload and makes for covering more than 1,000 hectares per day without access to a ground filling station. The performance can be doubled subject to the station availability. Besides, a 100‑metre stretch of unprepared surface is sufficient for take-offs and landings.

As part of YUGAGRO 2023, EkoNiva-Semena showcased over 70 crop varieties of Russian, foreign and in-house breeding. In Krasnodar area, farmers focus on growing winter wheat, so the company’s varieties EN Cepheus, EN Taygeta, EN Albireo, EN Photon and EN Mars became the centre of attention.

‘EN Cepheus winter wheat can yield about 100 kg/ha in southern regions. It is resistant to lodging and low temperatures. Regardless of predecessors, the variety delivers bumper crops’, says Vladislav Chernyshov, Sales Rep at EkoNiva-Semena.

As for the in-house spring crops, legumes are sought-after in the south of Russia, Trendy, Belmondo and Madras peas in particular. These varieties have proved to be high-yielding and tolerant to extreme weather conditions.

At the trade show, EkoNiva's experts also presented the holding's pedigree dairy cattle breeding business to the farmers, elaborating on the key features and advantages of Holstein and Simmental cows.

‘This year, we plan to supply over 13,000 head of breeding cattle to our clients. Each animal has a pedigree certificate with full information on its ancestry including lactation performance. Based on customer feedback, our fresh cows produce up to 36 kg of milk per day provided that they are well‑fed and comfortably housed’, says Pavel Chernyshov, Pedigree Cattle Sales Department Manager at EkoNiva-APK Holding.

The company’s participation in YUGAGRO 2023 trade show was highly productive, as evidenced by the concluded contracts and preliminary agreements for the supply of seeds, cattle, machinery and digital solutions.