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EkoNiva’s organic farm increases daily yields by 50%

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Savinskaya Niva organic enterprise, part of EkoNiva Group, has stepped up raw milk production and increased the herd productivity. Such growth stemmed from a successful experiment on improving nutrient values of feedstuffs. Besides, the end of the conversion period in the herd brought to the dairy last year facilitated the pickup in milk yields per day half as much again.

EkoNiva’s organic farm increases daily yields by 50%

In 2022, Savinskaya Niva reaped the first yield of organic field beans. Next season, this successful practice was scaled up and the crop was planted on 250 hectares. The beans grown in 2023 provided the cows with a high-quality protein for the entire winter. In addition, the farm continued supplementing the rations with ground flax, which helps to protect mucous membranes and is an excellent source of energy thanks to the fat content reaching up to 40%. Finally, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, in particular alpha-linolenic acid essential for both human and animal diets.

In late January 2024, the herd which had been previously brought to Savinskaya Niva completed its transition from conventional to organic farming. The enterprise welcomed 108 Simmental pregnant heifers, 115 young heifers and 6 bulls in July 2023. The cattle successfully adapted to new conditions and the heifers had their progeny. Currently, there are about 430 dairy cows housed at Savinskaya Niva.

‘By the arrival of the new herd, we had around 4.5 tonnes of organic milk per day, and in late 2023, the yields rose to 5 tonnes. Now, we receive approximately 6.8 tonnes, and the data analysis shows that the key growth factor was not so much the herd increase as the introduction of new crops to the animals’ diet and general improvement in fodder quality. After the harvesting, we reviewed our experience of 2023 and intend to reach new heights in the upcoming season’, says Valeriy Gushchin, Director of Savinskaya Niva.

The enterprise is located nearby Savino village, Mosalsk district, Kaluga oblast. In 2015, it completed the transition to organic agriculture which relies on the principles of ecosystem and human health protection. The dairy houses its herd in free-stall barns in the most natural environment possible and makes sure that its organic livestock farming and crop production practices comply with the stringent rules of respective Russian and European standards.