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Сooperating with Argentina and Chile to introduce fast-track breeding methods

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The management of EkoNiva Plant Breeding and Variety Maintenance Centre has visited South American countries and learned the seed production systems in Argentina and Chile first-hand.

Сooperating with Argentina and Chile to introduce fast-track breeding methods

In Argentina, EkoNiva visited the experimental station of the National Agriculture Technology Institute (INTA). The agenda of the trip organised with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation included visits to field plots, seed plants and quality control laboratories belonging to the republic’s leading seed producers. EkoNiva representatives came to discuss the options of fast-track seed multiplication and genetic material improvement. The company plans to develop cooperation with local enterprises to grow soybeans in in so-called ‘winter nurseries’. Thus, after growing the seeds in the summer in the Eurasian area, EkoNiva will have the benefit of reaping the second harvest in the southern hemisphere during the winter, which will shorten the breeding process and speed up the introduction of the Russian varieties in the market.

During the visit, a cooperation agreement was reached between EkoNiva Plant Breeding and Variety Maintenance Centre и Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), a private non-profit corporation that is part of the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture. The parties approved a cooperation memorandum which was signed as part of the return visit of Chilean scientists to Russia. Specialists of the research facility and EkoNiva are interested in experience exchange in genetic technologies. Cooperation in staff training, work placement and internships is also envisaged.

Besides, EkoNiva representatives attended the high-level meeting of the Chilean Seed Association ANPROS and the National Plant Breeders and Seed Growers Association of Russia. The organisations agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding. The Russian side intends to study the Chilean experience of establishing a unified zoning and seedling plot isolation map.